"Kristeen Young finds Morrissey educational" , mlive.com interview

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    MORRIZSEY Wrong species

    Dec 6, 2008
    1. Anonymous
      Well, Said....THIS IS TRUE.
      I have such people on a number of this years gigs...She has a few wack Morrissey fans, the type who try to friend anyone connected with Morrissey, her, his band, his family.Its sick man, sick.
      Basically, seriously ill moz fans-people who the term "get a life"was invented for.
      The worst thing about it is she falls for it herself, very dumb

      She is not like a younger PJ Harvey for a start Kristeen Young is nearly 40. Look what PJ had done in that time.
      She is never going to get anywhere because she makes the wrong moves. Morrissey can only take someone so far-he does what he can.
      Tony has no idea what to do with her hes a dick. KY is a prime example of trying to take the quick and easy way and it back firing.
      Without being cruel,I think has talent as a singer but more talent as a player, she goes to old men when they are soft hearted and uses it.
    2. Anonymous
      Not really, Moz likes to tour with nobodies-Doll and the Kicks and a host of others. The fact they are "nobody" is the bloody point. He is trying to help.
      Kristeen Young has talent and has some songs but so do lots and lots of people. It takes more than that. Her trouble is her friendship with Moz, yes it is. Not in the way you say though.
      The trouble is she thinks the audience is for her and nobody is there just for her (most ignore her). Its morrisseys audience. Thats why when I saw her play a gig in NY in a dive bar, there wasn't more than 50 people there.
      Also, part of the trouble is what made her good at the start of her Moz career is going, she is trying to be too Morrissey.
      To say she is some amazing act show how limited your tastes are, She is nowhere near PJ Harvey and others.

      If you lived outside Morrissey world, you would see this.
    3. the raytownian
      the raytownian
      I should be sharing the stage with Moz, god dammit! Must... kill... Kristeen... Young... :squiffy:
    4. the raytownian
      the raytownian
      ...himself by not being out shined, yes, we understand that. what's yr point? It's not like Moz being insecure as hell is a new thing... I don't think anybody here holds that against him.
    5. Anonymous
      Agree she is a nobody...but it sure FEELS like forever that she's been his opening act.
    6. Anonymous
      Maybe she goes for older men as the younger ones don't want her. Morrissey has done alot for her and it's still not gotten the results she's wanted and I'm beginning to wonder if she even knows what she really wants any more. Seems like she is going thru the motions because that's all she knows. Whatever long range goals she may have had are so far in the distance that she can barely make them out. KY can't keep a manager and I've always wondered why that is.
    7. CrystalGeezer
      Lol. A tad harsh. :D

      I bet she's sad the tour stopped. Where is she going to get the same 20 people on Facebook telling her how awesome she is if there's no show to justify the accolades? She should apply for Project Runway and get some non-Moz fan quality screen time to fill her fame needs. They'd totally take her with such a colorful history.
    8. the raytownian
      the raytownian
      oh, I am just poking fun at folks who make a big deal out of anyone calling her less than human shit (that said, I am not even terribly fond of her myself, I just thinks it's a bit much reducing anyone's appreciation of her to being a kiss-ass).

      THAT SAID, I bet most people who do like her are totally kissing ass... YOU JUST CAN'T WIN WITH ME.
    9. MIDNITE

      Think our kind, little gothic friend, miss kristeen young, has severely understimated her estimation when she told us there were 3 mental patients on solo.
      Theres quite a few more than that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :confused:

      But then again just because someone is classed as "mentally Ill" , it desent nessacerraly mean there sick! :)
    10. Anonymous
      yep she has seriously underestimated the amount of people who don't like her. There are many classifications of mental illness.
    11. MIDNITE
      The age of an artist is Irrelevant in respect of how good they already are or how great they are destined 2 become !
      Im roughtly about in the same age group as kristeen and Iv no were near reached my own potential ! in fact ive only just begun!!!!!!!!
      Well ok Ive got 7 years work behind me which im almost ready 2 unlease on the world and everyone will then see how fantastic I am !!! :)
      But It just came naturally 2 me , I never tried, I never asked 4 it, , I could just do what I do instantly !
      Took 2 it like a fish 2 a pond! :)

      Its the same thing with kristeen young, although what she does is slightly different 2 me.
      But she has been given a wonderfull gift, she was born 2 heal and entertain people and make us feel good ect! :)
      The best musical act live in concert that has ever lived ! :) simply wonderfull !

      Well ok morrissey is better, but hes light years ahead of everyone, so its not fair 2 include morrissey in any comparisons!
    12. MelissaD
      This is one ofyour better posts. I agree for the most part of what you've written. Age should not be a factor when considering how good an artist is. I'm glad when I read about different artists that age is not really made too big a deal of when discussing what 'product' they are putting out. I'm 7 years older than KY (give or take if she was born in 1975) and I too am only beginning to feel and reach my potential in my chosen career field. I still see the whole world before me and it's still my oyster! I like that feeling...that rush of "I can do anything"!

      I don't think she was born to heal--not sure what you mean by that. I don't consider her music "healing". I find her music abrasive and discordant, not soothing and relaxing-which would aid in healing. To me, when I hear her music, it sounds like she is working out her own demons and the only healing she could be doing, would be to herself. Not to me. She doesn't make me feel better, in fact, just the opposite---on edge and angry. And that is what she is putting out---anger and being on edge. I guess I could extend her a compliment--I feel that way about different genres of music--if I feel like relaxing, I listen to classical, if I feel like being edgy I dig out my heavy metal music. What she is playing I pick up on...so as an artist she has succeeded there.

      She has issues (but who doesn't) and I feel like she is taking her anger out on me when I sit and listen to her opening act. Of course I could just not show for the opening act, but I hate to climb over people to get to my seat, so I just tolerate her and wait the 45 min or so until she is done. That choice is mine and mine alone to sit thru her anger-fest on stage. I get what she is trying to say---she's pissed off at her shitty life (my answer to that is--suck it up little girl, grow up, the world DOES NOT OWE you anything) Life is what you make it, if you make it crappy and unhappy and angry all the time, then that is what it will be. It's all in attitude and hers sucks.

      Yes, she does entertain, and I think in the wrong way at times, as some of these threads on this site show. She may have a handful of "fans" but that is all, and I think only maybe a few of them are really true fans, the others are trying to get closer to Morrissey thru her. I don't find her entertaining at all, just sad and pathetic and struggling to achieve more than fate has alloted her. She has talent, true, actually alot of talent, its just not something I appreciate.
    13. The Cat's Mother
      The Cat's Mother

      Note how the affectations of illiteracy fall away when there is a serious point to be made. Isn't it time to drop the silly persona, MIDNITE? It was funny at first but it's pretty tired now.


      However unappealing I find Young's artistic output or however unfortunate her online conduct, it rankles me to read posts dismissing her on the grounds of her age. It's pretty hypocritcal for people to dismiss the support act for pushing forty when they're sitting through her act in order to wet their knickers at the sight of a fifty-something ripping off his shirt.

      Not that I'm against the shirt ripping.... *ahem*:blushing:
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    14. Anonymous
      Her age was brought up to counter the assertion that she's a developing artist.
    15. lindsey1151
      This song is 1 million times better than Kristeen Young!!!
    16. Anonymous

      Yeah I know what you mean! It's people like Jonna from Sweden and Chayane from LA and their friend with the tattoos on his neck to name a few. They are pathetic users sucking up to Kristeen to get in for free on her guest list. They are parasites and use genuine fans at any chance they get. They are not favorite people with Moz fans! Leeches!!! The good thing is that Kristeen was told NOT to put Jonna and Chayane on her guest list any more!
    17. The Cat's Mother
      The Cat's Mother
      With my 50th birthday looming, I think I'm qualified to disagree.

      (PS: Barky, thank you for the recipe. My inner Hyacinth is trilling with restored vigour. xx)
    18. Anonymous
      Are they really on her guest list?! I can't stand that group either; they are so phony.
    19. Anonymous
      Knowing both of them, I'd state that Jonna is indeed a terrible person, she's rude and arrogant and all in all very unpleasant, and deliberatly so, because she enjoys to intimidate people, but Chayane is quite nice and lovely. Please distinguish between the decent folk which just loves to see and hear Morrissey on as many occasions as possible, and those who try to fight their ways into his inner circle.
    20. MIDNITE

      deleted the lot!

      (Ive deleted what I wrote about music and healing)

      Dont be silly!

      never mind!

      I wonder if jonna and Chayane were at the concert I was at at the villa marina last year, were there was at least one of the "super fans" there who follows morrissey and kristeen all over the world and attends there EVERY single concert, in fact they cue up for hours and hours outside the concert venues, just so that they can be at the front of the stage!
      Now the name jonna has been mentioned, the name rings a bell, im sure she said her name was jonna!
      Seemed quite a reasonable person 2 me! but then again im strangley drawn 2 the unconventinal! LOL sorry but I just cant resist!!!!

      But I think I may well of met one of the morrisseys "super fans" LOL !!!!!!!!! :)

      "oh take me out, coz I wanna meet people and I wanna see life, driving in your car, please dont drop me home because its not my home its there home and Im weclome no more" - morrissey :)
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