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    Dec 6, 2008
    1. MIDNITE
      Ive been called a lot worse than "weird" on public forums, I can tell u that!

      All Ive said is that I know why morrissey wants kristeen on the world tour, 4 the very reasons ive been saying ever since I came on2 this forum!!!

      I have nothing more 2 add on the subject, Ive said 2 much already and im in danger of repeating myself so I best shut up!
    2. Anonymous
      John Keir from UK is so hot but so mean. Maybe if I buy him chocolates... BUT IS HE VEGAN? Dark chocolate would be a safe bet, but most people don't like dark chocolate. Can someone tell me if John Keir likes dark chocolate?
    3. Anonymous
      John is super mean. He once threatened to 'bitch-slap my ass' for looking at him funny in the queue.
    4. The Cat's Mother
      The Cat's Mother
      Dearie me! I fear the Werther's tin will remain on the high shelf tonight.

      The shirt reference was a frivolous embellishment as I'm sure you realise and of course people mature artistically at different rates. I think Young sounds awful and I certainly don't buy into the "very, very, very very special" syndrome you describe, so if that was aimed at me (and I appreciate that the *you* might be intended to be generic), you're way off-target.

      A seductive argument. :D

      How terribly liberal of you. :rolleyes: Lots of people can sing/play or paint or write but it's statistically unlikely for anyone of any age to become a pop star or an acclaimed painter or writer. Some people strive for decades before getting to a "breakthough" stage in their artistic career and for some, artistic success/maturity never happens but who is to say when they should stop trying - or even start trying? The Crow's Feet Police?

      I've had quite a few conversations about Kristeen Young over the last year or so and in my experience, her detractors seem to chuck in her age as just one more intended insult to throw at someone they don't like because she would appear to be close to Morrissey and/or because they dislike/are bored of her act. Lyrical discussion doesn't seem to crop up, so I doubt if many of them have sat down and analysed her lyrics to back up their views.

      As to whether Young's lyrics are inappropriate to "her age" as you claim.... I'd have to be able to make them out to judge. Diction isn't exactly her strong point, especially pitted against the rest of the cacophony onstage. Meanwhile, Morrissey is still moaning on about old grudges but we're his fans so we forgive him. I'm sure fans of Kristeen Young extend her the same courtesy.

      If only life were that simple.....
    5. MIDNITE

      Just wondering have you yourself ever really listened 2 kristeen youngs studio recorded CD material Kate ? Its slightly different 2 her live stuff!
      Your obvioulsy entitled 2 your opinion in that she sounds "awfull"
      But if you or anyone else who doesnt "get her" nor have listened 2 her CD albums Id ask you 2 please just try it! you may be pleasantly surprised and change your mind about her!

      You can down load indivisual tracks off the website www.kristeenyoung.com
      Listen 2 say "the devil made me" its on the V the volcanic album, it will only cost u 50p and I can honestly say Its absolutly wonderfull !
      Her lyrics are wonderfull ! :)

      Her voice is Incredible, just beautifull 2 listen 2! and the music is just as fantastic! :)

      I really dont understand why anyone could possibly say she sounds "awfull" but I supose each 2 our own!

      Someone mentioned earlier that her words and music may come accross as slightly angry and they make them feel on edge and negative ect, well what about morrisseys wonderfull stuff which is exactly the same -

      "shop lifters of the world unite"
      "heavon knows im missrable now"
      "girl friend in a coma"
      "the death of a disco dancer"
      "suffer little children" ect ect ect.
      "every day is like sunday"
      " you have killed me"
      "november spawed a monster "
      "I have forgiven jesus" ect ect ect

      Kristeens stuff such as "depression contest" is basically in the same mode, and is compossed and sung and "speaks" 2 those of us who feel outcasts and outsiders ect in order 2 help us feel un-alone and un-wanted ect and help us feel good just like our good friend morrissey! ! :)

      I dont nessaceryliy agrea either that kristeen herself is angry and pissed off with the world and has a huge chip on her shoulder ect and brings this twisted bitterness into the concert arena, not at all in fact the opposite!
      And even if she does, I would applaude and congratulate her 4 it! :)

      In my book shes doing a pretty good job ! :)

      She is in fact a very warm, kind hearted, caring and funny person with a wicked sense of houmer, these sorta of people allways are!
      Some of her music may be noted as having "aggresive" octaves, its simply wonderfull! but some of this is only in tonal value and colour range ect, the basic core of what she creates is absoulty incredible and wonderfully uplifting / moving music that has the side effect of making people feel good and happy inside and out! ! :)

      When all is said and done, the few negative opinions / comments as expressed here on morrissey solo, dont reflect the genune love 4 kristeeen young and popularity by the public in general!

      The kristeen young experince is one of the greatest gifts we have ever been blessed with!

      Last edited: Nov 11, 2012
    6. The Cat's Mother
      The Cat's Mother
      Thanks for the suggestion but I trust my own judgement on such matters and I think if I was going to like Young as an artist, I'd have realised it by now. As a crazy cat lady, I was obliged to think "50p? On a Kristeen Young track? That 50p would feed a rescued cat for a day!" so I'll raise an eyebrow at myself while adding 50p to the fundraising cheque I'm just about to send off to Cats Protection. :)
    7. Anonymous
      Trinity is reckless trash. Why does she bother attending the tours? When she's not punching someone, she is a zoned out corpse taking up space on the front row everyday. The girl likes her drugs and her fighting. Quite a few lonely crew members banged her and then a concerned friend of hers revealed to me she has a fiance at home (California). Someone should tell the poor idiot. My thought is she is using him for the money for tour because we all know she doesn't work. She is reckless trash and she is dangerous.

      Chris Wilde is a cunt and he has a cunt. Paul lives in his cunt. Stephen seems nice enough but only likes Morrissey for his looks. Chris Wilde formerly had a boyfriend he was in love with but then he passed away. Chris Wilde presently is in love with bossing people around and making rules for controlling people. He has this issue and should not be on the tours because he makes it bad for everyone else. People want to go to see a concert, people don't want to worry about if they are breaking rules made up by someone there for the same concert. Paul will try to enforce it also but it makes him look bad. It is not true that any of them are fans of Kristeen Young but the rest is correct.

      It comes as a shock that everybody has yet to mention Julian. He leaves a bad taste in the mouth and he is the worst of them all. The word was that he was Julia's bodyguard. I happen to know that that's not true, he only looks the part by looking more bored and less impressed with Morrissey then even the security guards at any given venue. The reason he is there with Julia for special treatment is he sells the drugs to the band and crew members if they want them. He is there to make money, it is business to him. Everyday he is taking up space at the front. He acts like a security guard and uses intimidation to bully other concert goers.
    8. MelissaD
      Yes I'v listened to her studio CD's still, still not impressed. I'm sure she is a warm, kind hearted, caring and funny person as you mention, but i've never gotten that impression of her, but then again i've never met her in a face to face conversation and i'm sure she's all of the above to only a select few (which is as it should be as some of the individuals on this thread are extremely cruel). I still don't get what you mean by "what she creates is absolutely incredible and wonderfully uplifting/moving" (sorry I for one refuse to use improper spelling). Her music is not uplifting and the only thing that is moving is my stomach after its done clenching in pain. Who are these people (other than yourself) that she makes feel good, happy inside and out? She is NOT known by the public in general...only to Morrissey's fans and what few fans she has. She's only known world wide THROUGH Morrissey. That's it and that's all.

      I've read alot of posts saying that alot of people are jealous of her. I had to think on that one and came up with a resounding "NO" for myself. I can play several instruments myself. Big deal. I can sing a bit but would not do it in public--my car is my usual stage. I"m happy with my career in the medical field...and I on the other hand am known by the general public here where I live-working at different offices and hospitals gets one around a bit.

      I still may be a no-body but at least I do true healing (you had mentioned in a past post that KY's music is healing-not so, I'm afraid). Whatever. She's only releveant to a small minority of people and those are Morrissey fans. Anyone outside of that circle probably has never heard of her and would probably cringe if they did hear her. She's just another blip on the music radar, that's all.
    9. normbias
      Wow, you people are mean.
    10. Anonymous
      Good post her music is not for everyone. Some people will yell at the concerts, that's not good. But not everyone has to like her either because of Morrissey or any reason.
    11. Anonymous
      Hmm...Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret
    12. Anonymous
      absolute drivel and in places actionable
    13. CrystalGeezer
      Yikes. :squiffy: This make my friend drama look like Sweet Valley High book. :p
    14. MIDNITE
      Some further interesting comments and posts made here! :)

      I will reply proper soonish 2 the topic, I have 2 do somthing else at the moment, but thought I may as well put the topic back at the top 4 now! :)
    15. Anonymous
      Actionable is my middle name
    16. Anonymous
      I'm totally agree with you Melissa, she's only known through Morrissey and no more! People are not jealous of her, and, personally, I think Morrissey is sarcastic about her, expecially when he quotes her! Maybe I'm wrong and if I'm wrong and Morrissey genuinely likes her or loves her or something more, well no problem! When I saw her opening for Morrissey in the past summer only few people were next to the stage and they were here for having a place very close to Morrissey! The rest of the audience was chatting and going around, there was a fat man with a professional camera and an awful garlic breath, he was taking pics of her saying "She's fantastic, I adore her, do you know her? Is she american? The press office did'nt tell me something about her!" Someone brifely answered him and at the end of her set he said" I'm happier to see her than Morrissey" and so he gone away with his camera and his bad breath! That was Kristeen and her only one true fan! I've to admitt, by now she's playing better than in the past, she got some ability as piano pla, but her music ( too similiar with Satie and Cage and other famous composers....) is not special for me. She takes the higlights of famous musicians and shakes...the result is a mess, sorry!
    17. Anonymous
      There has been some utterly scurrilous stuff written on this thread.

      Someone or some people have been attacking Chris, Stephen, Paul, and Jonna. I count all of these people as friends, and they are good people. The fact that they do multiple gigs is no ones business but their own. They do not do it to get attention, they do it because they love Morrissey concerts.

      Unfortunately this seems to be enough to get abuse the days.
    18. Anonymous
      7 pages about a "nobody". Sure... keep telling yourselves that. You act like you're obsessed. Cg, you were going on and on about her in another thread too. Get off the internet. Call a doctor. So much sexism, hatred and venom in one thread. Keep up the good work, stay classy!
    19. CrystalGeezer
      Okay. Goodbye Internet. It was a good run.
    20. nobodysxhero
      I have stewed on this since a friend showed me this post last night, thinking how silly and frivolous it is to get involved in internet drama, and how even the people being spoken poorly of in this thread are mature enough to not give it a second thought. I understand why our other friends haven't posted here. but you know what? It makes me angry.

      Nearly all of the people being mentioned are friends of mine, ranging from a couple of my best friends to acquaintances, but I hold all of them dear to my heart. I'm here with an actual login and a real name (chrissie, reachable at [email protected]) wasting part of my Tuesday afternoon to say how utterly ridiculous it is that any clueless anonymous children are doing the same to trash people that they obviously know nothing about.

      These are people I've known for years, that I met each individually through Morrissey's music and tours. Each of them has shown me kindness and love unparalled in the other communities and subcultures I grew up in - punk, hardcore, straightedge - communities that are supposed to be accepting of all of us weirdos and outcasts, but, surprise! were more often filled with the same kind of middle-school drama that I'm looking at here.

      Trinity was the first to show up at my door, holding two giant bags of chocolate, when I had my great heartbreak, and has always been there if I needed a friend. Chayane has driven an hour from his house, to my work, then forty minutes to my house, then another half hour back to his house just to deliver me safely home from work when I was stranded one night. He wouldn't let me give him gas money. Did I forget to mention that his main job over the past few years has been assisting special-needs adults? The two of them are always the first to offer if I need any help in life. Trinity is not engaged. Julian has never tried to sell me drugs. I'm almost convinced that those kinds of comments were just some mischevious little elf trying to fuel the fire - but then I realize that someone probably actually believes that, which is insane in itself. On my only trip to England, Chris showed such kindness to me and all of my American friends that he had never met before, without any snobbery or judgement, that it has left an unsurpassed impression on me nearly five years later. All of these people love Morrissey, truly, as much as anyone I've ever met. They are sincere people; I wouldn't waste my time with anything less.

      Oh. And I've stayed with many of these people while traveling and all of them have showered. ???

      I don't have any real desire to attack the people saying these things, albeit from the comfort of namelessness, but merely to be one of the voices speaking up for the people who have always been there for me. I don't know where I'd be without the friends I've met through Morrissey. We are all looking for something. When someone else finds that something in the same thing that you do, those are probably not the people you should be fighting against. There are bigger demons to fight.


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