"Kristeen Young finds Morrissey educational" , mlive.com interview

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    MORRIZSEY Wrong species

    Dec 6, 2008
    1. MIDNITE
      Well yea If u were gunna like her, you would of probably known so by now!
      But good work anyways 4 all your the help you give the little pussy cats!!!! :)

      Im not really sure we should generilize about the healing of oneself and indeed of others as this remarkable and actually natural phemonena originates and takes form and effect in many different ways, its not just by the administration of drugs by Drs and from good sorts like yourself who work in the hospital enviorment!

      Music therapy is just another form!
      In fact from my experience music therapy is FAR MORE effective in treating many mental health problems ie deppresion ect than any drug you can take!
      An overall hostilic approch is the best way forward! :)

      Kristeen youngs wonderfull music and breath taking vocals are incredibly healing in there effect depending on the listener in question!
      Ive never known any other artist 2 possess such incredible power 2 move people effortly into spaces and places of happyness and joy! :)

      Shes simply wonderfull !!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

      Think Chris, Stephen, Paul, Jonna Chrisse, lulu and Trinity ect are mearly "super fans" and shouldnt have 2 put up with people coming onto a internet forum and slagging them off with lies about drug taking, bullying and sleeping around with band members ect.
      And shouldnt be critisized for loving morrissey and kristeen so much that they want 2 attend there every concert and be at the front of the stage!
      Anyone is free 2 follow in there footsteps and do the same, you just have 2 queue up earlier than they do 2 be at the front! :thumb:

      Tell ya what a nice glass of red merlot works wonders for ones being (in moderation of course) so im gunna treat myself 2 a few!!!!!!!!! :) good evening !
    2. Anonymous
      Kristeen needs some BIG PICTURE lessons if she wants to take being a musicianship seriously. When you post on facebook that you are having a solo show at a pizza shop halfway between two Moz venues on a night off of Moz concerts, you don't market it towards barrier people who go to Morrissey concerts and hear her every night anyway. "St. Louis is on the DIRECT path between Atlanta and Lawrence, KS." (Read: I'm talking to barrier people who go from show to show.) You market your concerts to everyone, not the Morrissey clingers in order to fill up the pizza shop.
    3. Skylarker
      Great post, kid! Wow!

    4. Anonymous
      there is a special place in hell for people who give life/career advice to other people.
    5. MIDNITE
    6. JJKelsall
      That is a fact that I regard with utmost disgust.
    7. MIDNITE
      Yea I know what ya mean!
      Id much rather receive an actuall home made birthday card that someone has personally spend time in creating themselves and which includes a hand wriiten message!

      Id love a hand wriiten card of morrissey and kristeen, unlickly yes, but you just never know what is store 4 you! :)

      We all know morrissey has publically anounched "fuck morrissey solo" and kristeen has said on facebook !!!! LOL :) sorry! " dont ever go 2 morrissey solo"
      But the fact still remains this is his number one fan base website in the world, even tho there are quite a few internet trolls who contribute and try and spoil things on here! :(

      Having said all that, without facebook and other social networking sites and internet forums in general, we may miss opertunitys 2 "meet" , well ok comunicate with lots of interesting people ! :)

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    8. Harsh Truth
      Harsh Truth
      I can't believe this thread is still active.
    9. Anonymous
      In a book I recently read that people like her who hardly attract an audience of their own get 2,500 USD per night as support. Is this true? Does she get this much from Morissey night after night for "opening" for him? Doesn't seem like opening however because so many people rather stay away, but that's his business decision. I also ask others NOT to give career advice to this woman. What she does not read she does not know and I do not think she is worthy any support from anybody but Morrissey who apparently needs her to polish his homosexual image.
    10. MIDNITE

      Clicky above! ..... absolutely fantastic live in concert!!!!! :thumb: :)

      Ps helps greatly if you use a good pair of headphones if ur not hooked up to a decent hi-fi system and speakers!
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    11. lindsey1151
      Midnight if you really like Kristeen Young then you should start your own kristeen young forum!
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    12. MIDNITE

      Hey thanks 4 that suggestion lindsy1151 :) good idea! may just do that!

      There was an official kristeen young forum up online at one time but its been closed for a while!

      Found another one here, link below but there doesnt seem 2 be many members or many posts !! :confused:
      So Id feel a little bit silly posting 2 myself!

      Never mind we can still talk about how wonderfull kristeen is on this forum! :)

      And Ive almost finished my tribute 2 kristeen anyways, and will put it on my own website soon 4 the whole world 2 adore ! :)
    13. CrystalGeezer
      Try not getting a restraining order for Christmas. :squiffy:

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