"Kristeen Young finds Morrissey educational" , mlive.com interview

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    1. Anonymous
      Best review of her ever!!!!!!!!

    2. MIDNITE
    3. Anonymous
      True that! I've always wondered why she can't get or even keep a manager. According to her FB page she recently lost her manager that she had just hired on with. Wonder what was up with that? Creative differences? Or her new manager decided that this was a go-no-where artist whose been at it too long to even TRY to sell to the masses.
    4. CrystalGeezer
      She name-drops a lot. Over on AYNIM is a review of a gig she did in St Louis where she said "As a good friend of mine recently said, 'War is old, art is young.'" :rolleyes: That's what Morrissey said to the people of TEL AVIV! Was he pushing her on them? Am I totally missing the plot here?

      She makes me want to NOT go to his shows and I don't want to have that feeling. And all the creepy kiss ass that goes on between Morrissey fans and her, it's fucking creepy. It's not about the music, it;s about who is friends with who.

      Bleh. Fuck it who cares anymore. I'm starting not to.
    5. Son of a Gun
      Son of a Gun
      I would not say that she is very bad. She reminds me of an younger, inexperienced but alot of potential PJ Harvey. If she blossoms and finds her niche in music she will succeed.
    6. Amy
      CG... she's a nobody. Really not worth getting angry over or missing shows for, surely. The fans who cosy up to her in the hope that it will get them into Morrissey's "circle" are pathetic and deluded, but why stress over them? Kristeen won't be his support act forever, and as soon as she's gone those parasitic fans will latch onto the next struggling musician Moz has decided to lend a hand. They're indulging the monkey to get to the organ grinder...that's all it is.
    7. CrystalGeezer
    8. Amy
      Why does it make you so angry?
    9. JJKelsall
      I don't particularly like Kristeen Young and I've only heard her perform once. To begin with I didn't think the music was that bad and there is definately a lot of creativity in there. She's certainly refreshing the face of most sell out artists who are in the game for money alone. Perhaps she isn't particularly great or sensational, but I'd still say she has good principles when it comes to making music.
    10. MIDNITE
      Im not really sure Im able 2 post anything further on behalf of kristeen young at the moment.
      Im really not sure if Im helping anymore! :(

      This is probably the very last one I will post! :( (thank goodness for that you all cheer!!! )

      The "problem" for kristeen of course, has nothing whatso ever to do with her as an artist or musician ect, for that she simply fantastic ! :)
      In a strange way the "problem" for her is because of her close friendship with morrissey, he absolutly adores her and thinks very very highly of her, hes made this crystal clear in numerous Interviews ect and it seems a small TINY minority of "small minded" morrissey fans may not like there closeness - goodness knows why not tho!

      Please Just accept kristeen young for what she is, enjoy her Incredible act live in concert, thats what shes here for!
      Dismiss all the bitching and hearsay and people talking behind everyones back ect ect!
      She wants you 2 have a great time! Thats why she on the world tour! :)

      Shes allready an over whelming success! :) the woman is absolutey INCREDIBLE !!!!!!!!!! :)
      I cant keep repeating this all the time about how wonderfull her musiic is!!! !
      Just look at all the wonderfull feedback all her fans have posted about her all over the internet.
      Just read all the rave review articles about her that the media press have wrote!
      Just listen/watch 2 all the positve things about her on the radio and Tv ect .

      Im so convinced about her, my faith is unshakable, I refuse 2 stop believing !!!!!!! :)
    11. MIDNITE
      Just one more post, I just cant resist, I cant!!!!!!!!!

      Thats your opinion, seems strange 2 me tho how a "nobody" is on tour with morrissey, the greatest act live in concert that has ever lived!
      kristeen has now become morrisseys equall ! :)

      agread ! :):thumb:
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    12. Amy
    13. MIDNITE
      Im more than happy 2 make you laugh ! but I really didnt mean 2 lol ! :)

      That silly little yellow laughing smilly is making me chuckle now ! :)

      Good evening im off 2 watch a audrey hepburn movie on dvd soonish!
      Audrey hepburn bears an uncanny and remakable resemblance 2 our very own miss young!
      In fact they look like Identical twins in sum shots!
      Im well into both these fantastic stars now! :)
      And then I think I will watch one of the alien movies on dvd, I just love my sci -fi horror movies!!!!!!!!!!
      Watched one a while back called "wolf creek" twas just a dreadfull viewing experience !
      A very disturbing and brutal movie! :(
      I suffered the entire "movie" right from the start 2 the bitter end!!!!!! :(
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    14. Anonymous
      I hear her hair is insured for a million bucks and that she loves diet Pepsi!
    15. Anonymous
      LOVE IT! You nailed it on the head!!!
    16. Anonymous

      Trolling 101: Make sure to pretend your real-life time zone fits in with your fake IP.
    17. Anonymous
      If morrissey loves kristeen so much then why haven't the two produced a single?...whether she sings or simply played keyboard..hell even shook a tamborine!
    18. Amy
      He's got her wailing on the intro of "That's How People Grow Up", does that count?
    19. Anonymous
      No it doesn't. I always fast forward that part of the song....its god awful
    20. Anonymous

      Not really. But "Wailing" sums her up pretty well.

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