• Hello. I saw your post from years ago about Julian and Sandy and wondered whether you had any up to date links to digital versions of the audiobooks "Julian and Sandy" or the later "The Bona World of Julian and Sandy"? Many thanks
    :thumb: Finally! The knitted wonders are getting the recognition they deserve! Congratulations on achieving worldwide fame, dear! (even if it's via some xmas-loathing tatted up Santa and his mate)(That one reminded me of someone...But who?) For the record, that catchy chorus reminded me a bit of a Gainsbourg song...
    (but he never thought of adding a woollen touch to his tunes. Shame, would have cheered him up a bit.)

    Sending loads of festive cheer! xx
    PS/ Hope they gave you loads of money for that so you can buy yerself some more wool...:nopity:
    Well I love presents, Kats. Speshully ticking ones.:thumb: Is it of the"And we just can't wait till the whole thing blows up in our face" variety? :horny: Who should open it for me then? Some person who pretends not to ever visit this site? :lbf: I'm off tomorrow to the area that makes crazy people peaceful (around Switzerland, near that big lake) , So I hope it can wait a few weeks for me quietly at the post-office...;) xxx back, Baba.
    To tell you the truth Katsy, I often win because I'm the only competitor. For the last Bitches' 400 m Individual Medley, it was just me and a water rat, so there was really no competition to speak of. The fact that I can't swim properly didn't even stop them.
    Oh it's nice to have your witty claws scratching my back again :) Love from an equally safe distance -although I might pay a visit to the UK this summer as I have been selected to take part in the Drowning Dogs Canoe Slalom Competition! Can't wait.:thumb:
    Hi Kate!
    The wonderful Moz Calendar arrived today! I LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much for sharing your talents with the rest of us!! You ROCk!!- Love, Laura : )
    Hello - thanks for the add. If I didn't know better that last visitor message from Dunya about the 'large hammer' etc would alarm me slightly!
    Tool belt should just fit a 7 1/2 " waist. Has a large hammer and walkie talkie.
    Most clothes are quite small, apart from the duffle coat (original 1970's Action Man), and the ninja top!
    T shirt would stretch, but might be a bit short. Could end up showing a bit of midrif!
    I've got Yellow hard hat and overalls, builders' tool belt, spanner and plastic boots.
    White T shirt (cotton), jeans, etc.... Oh and a ninja suit in red! A few other clothes and bits...
    any good??
    * mind you, the most recent shots have become less and less about the outfit.. reminds me of the "builders!" calender the Manager caught us all inspecting when setting up the calendar display last year. :o
    Thanks Kate. Lovely pics. :)
    I have some accessories/clothes for 12 " plastic dolls. Would they be of use for alternative scenarios? :confused:
    hope all is well-keep on knitting...it cheeers one up to see the lovely creatures you made:)
    if you knit a moz fan how would it like like..if you do one?
    or what about..ehh.. linder?
    i wish i could do stuff like that but i have b no skills at fibre craft..had the worst grades back when i was at school :D
    are you artistic beside the knitting? painting etc?
    Dear Madam,

    I am writing to inform you that a tiny tiny jar of Marmite costs 4.66 euro at my local supermarket.

    However, I will be more than happy to get you some if this helps you start an Internet Affair with a Moderator that shall remain nameless, so that I can both blackmail you afterwards, and get loads of money from that to buy even more Marmite.

    Regards and looking forward to business together,

    Johnny "Cupide Cupid" Marrmite.
    hi can you tell me what a cum gutter is ?
    (from your post in scarlets present thread) i think in have an idea what it means(and its prob exactly that:blushing:) but i coulndt look it up at the online dictionary (the librarycomputer here blocks words like cum:p )
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