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By davidt on Oct 10, 2012 at 10:34 PM
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2012 (read-only)' started by davidt, Oct 10, 2012.

    1. CrystalGeezer
      Morrissey? STFU. Skin of perished rubber. :rolleyes:
    2. mozmic_dancer
      Interesting. No big surprises here other than a dislike for air conditioning.

      Does anyone else enjoy these email interviews? I think he gives himself more of a chance to give a more thoughtful response.
    3. Skylarker
      God he's a useless old crank anymore. Bitching about cellphones. Does he need someone to make his VCR stop flashing 12:00, too?

      This St. Frances of Assisi shtick he felt compelled to impart after being asked about the bookstore incident with the old woman made me laugh out loud. Was he actually claiming to have saved the life of a crushed bird with some bread? Riiiiiight. :lbf:

      I think it would have been funny if he'd done with the old woman what he did with the pigeon; just carry her into a dark corner and feed her some bread til she feels better.

      I can just hear her whispering up to him in gratitude..."Oh're such a kind've saved me...just please don't sing any of your new songs while we're waiting for the ambulance"...
    4. Amy
      That was great. Not sure about the other 3 Smiths disliking his lyrics, but I loved the pigeon story and the question about Viva Hate. He doesn't get asked about the early solo stuff enough.

      "I was a zombie. I didn't want to be a solo artist. [...] Let Morrissey carry the can and we'll carry the cash..uh". Interesting.
    5. mcrickson
      He offers no direct answers to the most menial of questions. I find myself not learning anything from his recent interviews in the worst way.
    6. Kewpie
      It is rather confusing comment. When I read his letter to Stephen Street, I was shocked that he was eager to convince him to record solo album.
    7. Skylarker
      It's only a confusing comment if you're a dolt. Morrissey has been on a relentless mission to rewrite his personal history ever since the court case happened, and his lies and delusional nonsense have only been exacerbated as he's aged.

      To be able to weather the loss of The Smiths (no doubt an extremely taxing event, emotionally) while at the same time immediately moving forward, taking no time to mourn, NOT giving up, and then within a few months coming up with two albums' worth of some of his best ever work, well...that doesn't seem very "zombie"-like to me. It seems driven and focused and creative and alive...traits he has lost by the truckload ever since he lost the court case, and especially since the 2004 comeback-fervor died down.

      But looking back, as he is, in bitterness on the joke that his career became, and all the things he's done to sabotage himself and his legacy, then yes, I'm sure he finds it very easy to just claim he was not in his right mind when the solo thing got started.

      But the albums and the artifacts say otherwise, if you look beneath his spin.
    8. Anonymous
      Jesus Christ man, I've been sitting here reading your negative ass comments that are so comfortably nestled inside every damn news story for the past week. I am really tired of it, so please get the hell off a Morrissey fan site if your not a Morrissey fan. And, let me stop you before you try to convince me that you are somehow a Morrissey fan, while you proceed to lump everyone who is not you into one stereotypical category, I point you in the direction of a therapist, so he or she can help you understand what you are.
    9. Anonymous
      Moz has stated before that he and Johnny signed to EMI for a multi-album contract, then Johnny walked away leaving Morrissey to fulfil the contract alone.
    10. Anonymous
      Blah blah blah, more words, more words, etc. etc. etc., blah blah more words, more words, you hate Morrissey, more words, more words, blah blah blah... we get it. Have a ice cream sandwich and go listen to the gas light anthem or whatever the name of that sucky band is. Tout à l'heure

      (it was a nice interview)
    11. 123xyz
      I've always liked Morrissey's e-mail interviews. The remarks about being "... independent enough... " in reference to his preference for label support made me wonder, briefly, if the whole feeling of support is the predominant benefit ( in his eyes) to major label signing e.g. being appointed a press officer, handler, marketing/promotional assistants, etc, etc. In a strange sense , almost reminds me of the porters and support staff at the base camp beneath the shadow of Everest , readying the oxygen cylinders and so on for the head mountaineer's assault on the treacherous peak ...
    12. Anonymous
      too fucking right!!
    13. The Seeker of Good Songs
      The Seeker of Good Songs
      You made me laugh out loud.
    14. aki-cat
      Dearest Morrissey,

      Thank you so much for saving my grandma's life. I'd like to share this song with you. :sweet:

      - a carrier pigeon in rome.
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    15. Rowntree
      Not a bad interview. Thought he took his brain out when he answered this question though...

      The idea of a Smiths reunion came up in the press again this week. You haven't abandoned that band's repertoire in recent years at your concerts. Which of the Smiths songs that you still perform mean the most to you today and why?
      I don't feel that they are somebody else's songs. The sentiments in songs from the Smiths period were always mine, and mine alone. I wasn't the voice of a collective. I don't even think that the other three Smiths even liked the lyrics.
    16. Anonymous
      What planet is Morrissey on? He is becoming increasingly annoying.

      I don't even know if the other 3 smiths liked the lyrics.

      I think you need to watch the south bank show again and hear johnny comments about reading the lyrics to suffer little children.

      thank you for acknowledging that Andy and mike were part of the smiths and not just you and johnny.

      I'm sure that fuck wit of a band are influencing what he says..
    17. Anonymous
      " I didn't want to be a solo artist"

      What complete and utter bull shit.

      They carried on as the smiths with the guitarist out of Easter house ( can't think of his name ) and when mozz didn't feel it wasn't working he gets mike to fire him...

      Then Stephen street in a recent interview states that Morrissey wanted to get as far away from the smiths as possible...

      He has always wanted to be a solo artist because by all accounts he hated being in the smiths.

      He really needs to listen and read about what others say before he gives his answer because time and again he is being found out as a liar.
    18. Anonymous

      The fact that you spend hours on the Internet bashing a musician you don't like is alarming.

      For some reason Morrissey attracts unstable, angry souls. At some point these people realize that Morrissey can't give them whatever it is that they wanted, and then they become betrayed "Skylarkers" who hate Morrissey but just simply can't let go.

      Maybe it's the power of Morrissey. Even when you don't like him anymore, you just can't walk away.

    19. realitybites
      Ya, that caught me off guard. Almost as odd, was this statement "I miss the large record stores. I think it's so sad that they've been wiped out. I mean, who would ever have thought it likely? Yet Bed Bath & Beyond survives. Why?" Doesn't he realize one cannot buy digital bath salts? Music isn't a product that needs to be packaged in a physical body any longer. Everything from Bed Bath & Beyond still does--including the gift cards. It was a strange comparison.

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