"Kristeen Young finds Morrissey educational" , mlive.com interview

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By MORRIZSEY on Oct 18, 2012 at 6:25 PM

    MORRIZSEY Wrong species

    Dec 6, 2008
    1. CrystalGeezer
      Put me to death, Kristeen! Put me to death. Who is lined up as the executioner tonight?
    2. MIDNITE
      We now know for definate that skylaker is the first of kristeen youngs 3 mental paitents on this forum, chystalGeezer is the second, but who is the third of kristeens 3 ?????

      I have it down to 3 possible front runners!

      Any one else have any ideas?
    3. Skylarker
      I'd argue with you, but you're probably right.
    4. CrystalGeezer
      Maybe it's you. Maybe you should be put to death?
    5. MIDNITE
      I will say just one "good" thing about u, least u say things as you see them, and you dont give a fuck! ( your own words not mine) and this is somtimes a good trait 2 have, :)
      Unfortunatley this is were the good side ends!
    6. MIDNITE
      LOL :) well maybe, but dont take things so personally, kristeen didnt really mean some members of this forum should be put 2 death !
      Shes one american I do "get" !!!
    7. CrystalGeezer
      I'm not swathed in an environment of nurturing and understanding NOT to take a death threat personally. I have nowhere to turn when I have a style crisis, poor girl. I have the fortitude to solve that shit on my own.
    8. Skylarker
      I'd argue with you, but you're probably right.
    9. MIDNITE
      Thats the thing tho isnt it? you dont try and solve any problems you may have yourself, you turn 2 this forum and post them all and like 2 recieve help advice ect.
      Nothing wrong in that, in fact its a good thing, problem of course is when u critisize others and make sweeping unsubstantiated claims ect when others do it!!!
    10. Skylarker
      Careful...careful now. Your Midnite is slipping.
    11. Anonymous
      I expect the only reason you stick up for Kristeen is because she writes to you on FB (who doesn't she write to), I expect it makes you feel so close to Morrissey and her...Does she even let you on the guest list.
      Oh, you brainwashed person.....
    12. CrystalGeezer
      Soz your Cards got KO'd tonight, lubes. No hard feelings. Work has to get done, you know? Bee bop! and a SHUT OUT no less. lolz. I'm drunk. WHY DID MY DAD BUY A KEG AND STOCK IT WITH IPA!!!!!! EFFFF!

      I srsly have no hard feelings towards KY, it's a long story. A left handed shake story I'm not at liberty to speak of, I gotsta be an arsehole. I bet IRL we'd be hilarious pals.
    13. Guernie
      WOW, the Giants came back to win the series . Now I don't feel so bad that the Reds tanked . Thanks for the info. Crystal !
    14. Skylarker
      Well she'll be sleeping well tonight, that's for sure.
    15. CrystalGeezer
      You don't suspect she's a big cards fan?
    16. Skylarker
      That depends...can cards make her money?
    17. CrystalGeezer
      Lol. I hope that's not true.
    18. Anonymous
      I do think Kristeen has some talent but come on, she is quite deluded...I saw the NY shows and she was OK good, nothing special at all, she looks tired and sounds worse.
      When she talks about the future of music being acts getting together how sad is that.
      Moz doesn't need her, he is helping her, yet she speaks as if they are on the same level almost. She has got nowhere on her own.
      There are loads and loads of better acts out there, this is why most people avoid her set or just put up with it in order to get near the front for Moz.
      We can all see whats happening. I don't have an issue with her music more her "ways". As I say she is so deluded.
    19. Anonymous

      This is the best statement I've read so far regarding KY. Thanks for helping put my feelings into words! Thank you.
    20. Anonymous
      There's a reason she doesn't have a label, booking agent or tour manager, her mouth. Male or female at some point when will she take responsibility for what spills out of her mouth and stop blaming others for the fact that her career is non existent otherwise? Sure people can get on here and come to her defense, which is fine and dandy, but where are they when she's playing to 10-20 people in some random bar? I'll tell you where, they're at home saving their money to see someone they REALLY dig...Morrissey. :)

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