"Kristeen Young finds Morrissey educational" , mlive.com interview

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    1. Anonymous
      "At one point, when I was first starting out with them, every once in awhile I would go through a style crisis. 'Who am I? Who do I want to be?' He said something to me one day: 'Don't be a girl. Everybody's a girl. Be a woman. Think like a woman.' That's sort of been my little guiding light on almost everything I design. I design my own outfits for the stage."

      *rolls eyes* She also explains why she's glued to Morrissey, like we don't know.

      Without a label, manager or booking agent, Young has found the Morrissey shows to be a "really great home" for her. She said it provides a stable base.

      "In some way, it might even be the future with the industry the way it is," Young said. "Artists band together to form their own little collectives to get things done."

      Yeah, she and Morrissey are a collective and both benefit from it just immensely and equally. She travels with him insulting his audience and in return he gets to give her advice which she pretty much has to follow. If any of us were rich enough we would probably buy a friend like Kristeen Young, too.
    2. Anonymous
      She is a careerist, coat-tail riding idiot. Her career will go nowhere, simply because her music is very bad.
    3. JJKelsall
      I wouldn't say that her music is bad, I would call it experimental and 'out there,' perhaps so out there that it is hard for a lot of people (myself included) to get their heads around it. And as far as insulting the audience goes, that is a mutual exchange between both parties.
    4. CrystalGeezer
      Morrissey quotes her in interviews, they hang out together, they're "getting it done" as a traveling band of non record deal misfits or whatever. Its time to accept that no matter what our ears say and the scathing twitter response, she is his right hand man. Or woman I suppose.
    5. Anonymous
      "Insulting his audience" What on earth do you mean by that? I don't get it.
    6. Anonymous
      Kristeen Young is hardly "out there" and "original"...The first time I heard her, I just thought she sounded like a washed-up karaoke Kate Bush
    7. #mattwalker
      Try saying her name without not falling over laughing.
    8. Anonymous
      You go see Morrissey, an icon, and you have to sit through a woman whining about how half the audience isn't there yet. I'm not saying that she should be a professional entertainer and performer. After all she's an artist and can't be asked to lower herself to trying to get the audience up and into Morrissey. People spend money to go to the show. Maybe that's too base of a concern for people like Morrissey and Kristeen that already have money, but if Morrissey didn't get paid he wouldn't be there.

      Now, Morrissey is allowed to have a bad night, a short set, whatever... He's the artist we are there to see, and he is an artist. All the behavior that goes with it is fine. He's earned it. She hasn't. She's a compromise. She could perform to people that are wildly enthusiastic, but it wouldn't be at Hollywood Bowl. No, she wants the money, the fame, the fans, and to be recognized as an artist, and she probably thinks he should be opening for her.
    9. Wozzles
      you guys are mean. kristeen is cute and has a great voice.

      but. but. she's no kate bush. not even M should be compared to KATE the GREAT.

      Kate moves even VERY powerful wiccans like ME to break down. She's peerless.
    10. Uncleskinny
      It's quite astounding then that she's not as successful as her obvious talents deserve. Why on earth could this possibly be?

    11. Wozzles
      the hand of fate strikes again.

      in our own lives, we should use our hands to knit better karma.
    12. Uncleskinny
      I should make my irony clearer in future.

    13. Wozzles

      I don't actually understand what you are trying to say.
    14. Skylarker
      What a surprise.
    15. LazyDyke
      I had my first taste of Kristeen Young tonight. I cannot rinse this out of my mouth.

      She's absolutely atrocious. I think she's trying to be wild and interesting like Tori Amos back in the day.

      But she fails. EPICALLY.

      Horrendous. Hideously so.
    16. MIDNITE
      She travels with him insulting his audience and in return he gets to give her advice which she pretty much has to follow. If any of us were rich enough we would probably buy a friend like Kristeen Young, too.[/QUOTE]

      Well some of the fools on here can slag kristeen off as much as u like, but those of us who stand in truth and light, know how important and fantastic she really is! :)

      Her music does not adorn my own website for nothing! :)

      That privilege would only normally ever be reserved 4 morrissey! but Im making an ecception!

      Just been listening 2 her wonderfull music 2 nite, absolutley breathtaking !!!! :) Incredible ! :)
      And 2 even try and compare kristeen young 2 kate bush is just absolutely ridiculous! and an insult 2 just how much greater kristeen really is! :)

      Seductive, fearless, and outrageous - kristeen young creates performances that challenge, shock, and move us !
      She is, quite simply one of the most compelling artists of our time, of any time ! :)

      Well time 4 a glass of wine before I head of 2 bed! goodnite ! :)
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    17. LazyDyke
      Just because you love Morrissey doesn't mean you have taste.

      Kristeen is shocking alright. Shockingly fucking horrible.
    18. MIDNITE



      hhhhhhhhhhh gggg ggg b bhj

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    19. Anonymous
      I agree with the first sentence and only partly agree with the second one. Her music isn't "bad" per se, just not for the regular concert goer (not sure if that's the term i really want but it will have to do) I personally don't care for her music, but I don't consider it bad, just too "different" for me to like. I've not purchased any of her stuff on iTunes and probably never will. It's bad enough she's Moz's opening act that I politely tolerate.

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