Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment


am i the idiot or the branch being sawed @ more
noip maybe is deep in a depression because of mjp's departure,pardon her

and hoho maybe there's a pie convention there in belgrade...

and what I think now is...f*** I'm sleepy as the lifeguard
I'm thinking about the feeling of guilt I know have, because I just bought a lot of albums. (for 150euros...) I just cannot save it. :(
i'm thinking that i feel awful and if i'm sick on the keyboard it will get in all the cracks and it will be very unpleasent.
I'm thinking I hope at 5pm we will have a win and not another 5-0 defeat like on Wednesday

I am also thinking about the beautiful new Popworld presenter Alexa Chung who is my perfect woman

Also, I am now thinking about the old Popworld presenter Simon who was ace, the new curly haired bloke is a knob

Now I am beginning to think I spend too much time thinking about Popworld on T4
Right now, I'm looking at a pile of clothes wishing my look could iron them instead of me.

I'm looking at the paper I'm writing that was due a week ago and wish little elves would finish it for me. I also wish I had more threads to respond to because it would give me an excuse not to get back to the paper :) .
I was thinking how I prounonced Bona Drag wrong. " cause my friend just came in and told me and called me stupid. ( which i'm not)
Is it possible for something to blow and suck st the same time?

Because I think my new school does..
I knew Andy's reply to this thread was going to be anything sex-related :)
* no social life frink advice artie lange awesome bitching blush bored brooms candies chat cheese with your whine? college is tough companionship complaining epiphany episiotomy friendships funny happy i think u stink just lust moaning never to be replaced rabid monkey sad suck my teeth sweet caroline wowzers
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