"Kristeen Young finds Morrissey educational" , mlive.com interview

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    MORRIZSEY Wrong species

    Dec 6, 2008
    1. MIDNITE
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    2. Anonymous
      Unfortunately Chayane appears to be nice but he'll do anything to get into gigs for free by using people to get free tickets and milks good honest genuine fans. He has treated a couple of fans really really bad over the years.

      If people can't afford to go to all the gigs then should only go to gigs they can afford to go to and STOP using other fans!
    3. Anonymous
      KY's former boyfriend didn't choke her long enough. would have stopped any type of discussion on this talentless individual
    4. CrystalGeezer
      Classy. :straightface:
    5. Anonymous
      You're entitled to read the post and get what you want to out of it. You can interpret anything you read to mean anything you want it to and eventually people stop pointing out that the argument happening in your head is not completely related to the discussion at hand. But when you scold people for being hypocrites when you simply missed the meaning, you're not so elderly that people won't still point it out. Don't worry, eventually they just push your chair into the corner and let you argue with the wall.

      The idea had nothing to do with Morrissey showing off his body and it's not hypocritical to point out that Morrissey was artistically mature at a young age. I don't really think it was a comparison though. It was the idea that she's acting like this helpless but very, very, very, very special and, oh my god so talented that *you* don't get it, little undiscovered shining oh so very bright star. We're all being asked to participate in this charade where we're supposed to act like she's just fantastic and we're so grateful to Morrissey for forcing her on us unrelentingly for years.

      I think it's worth noting that Morrissey is in some ways an Andy Warhol type who will allow people around them to make spectacles of themselves, laughing at them while telling them they're "great." Sometimes I think he's just seeing how far she'll follow him to put on her little act.

      There are things you can do when you are older like paint or write, but being a rock star, pop star, or whatever she thinks she is, is unlikely. And filling your albums with teenage angsty crap at that age is embarrassing. That's the relevance of her age.

      But again, as you age you are entitled to interpret things however you want to.
    6. Anonymous

      That Chayane kid is a little goofy , but he queues and buys tickets.He is fine. But if you want to talk about a leech, we need to mention that trash Trinity. Gross. She never buys anything, does drugs and hardly showers. Word is that one desperate crew member banged her. Stay away from her.
    7. MIDNITE

      The level of respect and decency has stooped 2 a new low on morrisssey-solo!!! :(
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    8. MelissaD
    9. MelissaD
      Interesting angle on the "age" thing with KY. Agree with your statement "And filling your albums with teenage angsty crap at that age is embarrassing." rings true. It's like she's stuck in a past she does not want to give up, as if its the only thing she has to cling to. I feel KY is unable to move forward in her life and career. I feel bad for her in that respect.

      I don't WANT to get what she is trying to do and don't consider her undiscovered....she's been discovered and found wanting or lacking.

      I think I only side line participate in the charade of acting like she is "fantastic"...only I call it "just barely tolerating her". I for one am NOT grateful to Morrissey forcing her on us. If he has a hidden agenda with her, I wish it would either reveal itself or just stop!
    10. Jamie
      Exactly this. How many notable performers have ever used the same opener for the bulk of their gigs six years running? It betrays a stunning lack of imagination and feeds the suspicion that the unspoken reason Morrissey continues to "expose" KY is the fact that she performs for a relative pittance. It also reinforces the rapturous greetings he receives because, frankly, many of his fans are so relieved that she is done!
    11. Anonymous
      The very idea that people have put their 2 cents in on kristeen and it has gone on this long makes her very relevant. you don't discuss something this passionately, this long, unless you do care or are interested. i can tell that all of you are. also, there's a lot of jealousy going on, i perceive. clear as day. while her music doesn't seem to be pop friendly leading up to v the volcanic, which is, kristeen is just as relevant to a music listener as lady gaga or souxsie, but more so, as she is not acting as contrived as say, gaga.

      don't have time to write more. but the more you talk about her, the more relevant she is. no one is writing 100+ post threads about Big Sandy and the Fly-Rite Boys, now are they? you're all just jealous.
    12. CrystalGeezer
      Jealous of what? :squiffy: We're just music listeners tired if the same act, and its all an act. I say this now because I should be flying over the Pacific Ocean at this moment but I'm grounded. :cool: (Making the best of a suck situation. And the beer...:p)

      Also since when is a bunch of posts on an admonished message board relevant? Since never.
    13. Anonymous
      Yes, Jonna and Chayne are a pair of scroungers, and very much like Trinty, absolutely stink. Don't get too close.

      But the worst of the Kristeen hangers-on, are the 3 amigos: tour etiquette boss, Chris (yes, he really did send out a tour etiquette email, informing people how they must behave in the queue, and how he is back after a short "back seat", to marshal proceedings) idiot Stephen, and Paul from Derby, the man who abandons his small children umpteen weeks a year, to chase Morrissey and anything connected to him around.

      These 3, Chris especially, absolutely hound anyone who has ever worked for Morrissey, it really is cringeworthy to see. Chris gives them presents to try to buy their friendship. It is embarrassing to see.

      Special praise must also be reserved for Fergus, who spends many hours pestering poor Kristeen on Facebook, and when he's not, well, he just takes pictures of himself for his online friends to massage his deluded ego.
    14. MIDNITE
      Im not sure I could of said things any better myself! :thumb:

      The fact is, kristeen young DOES have us all talking about her, and we talk about her all the time because we are very highly intrested in her and her music ect, were totally fascinated!!! :)
      Its actually Irrelevant as 2 weather our coments about her are positive or negative, when people talk about you and your work, the artist is at one with ones self, as there work is alive and fresh and relevant! :)

      Think I will delete some of my earlier post before anyone quotes it!!!!
      I was just disgusted when some one said they wanted kristeen 2 be strangled ! :(
    15. CrystalGeezer
      Sooooooooo, do we talk about slaughterhouses because we want them to keep slaughtering cows?
    16. MIDNITE
      Has not one other person on this forum actually worked it out yet?
      Its crystal clear 2 me why he keeps her as his support act! and 2 sugest that its because he can pay her a pittance is just silly!
      If he had 2 pay her all the money in the world 2 "keep" her as his support act he would! and I know exactly why, ive been saying it ever since I came 2 this forum! :)

      There are many reasons why morrissey wants her as his support act on the world tour :)!

    17. CrystalGeezer
      Blah, blah, cue Atlantic Starr. They're secret lovers. :rolleyes: Give it up MIDNITE. She wouldn't be name checking him every opportunity if their relationship was anything more than business. It's insecurity that makes her mention him instead of talking about her own work.
    18. MIDNITE
      Well thats just being silly, were disgusing kristeen young on this topic, the greatest act live in concert that has ever lived!
      Not the slaughter of cows!
      We talk about some things because of how dreadfull they are - the way farm animals are treated.
      And we talk about other things because of how wonderfull they are - miss young! :)
    19. MIDNITE
      Im sorry If what I posed that makes u jealous ect, but Ive said this before, dreams can and DO come true, not many people remain faithful these days, goodness knows I commited adultry myself when I was married!
      Hold on 2 your dream of morrissey, life has a funny way somtimes of making your wishes come true! :)

      Ive never actually said they are secret lovers, there relatishionship is there biuesness .

      But ....... well I dont feel I want 2 say any more on the subject! but its all so obvious!
    20. CrystalGeezer
      You know what's obvious? You're weird.

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