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I've not heard the song but the lyrics are highlighted in the Mojo review of Heaton's new album, 'Manchester Calling'.
Marr is praised for being 'cool'. Profound stuff!
John M
Found a clipping on Twitter. not much of a review but it is positive.

Ok maybe not fake news....

The last Reba Mc show is June 20th and the 1st Keith Urban show at Ceasars is July 9th. Morrissey is rumored to be scheduled in between those dates.

Las Vegas Residency
The Colosseum
June 26th-July 4th
Caesars Palace

Move over Celine….Morrissey is moving in!
A nice little article about Stephen Street in advance of his Outstanding Achievement award at the Music Producers' Guild Awards.

Includes a few little things like this:

During the earlier recording of Strangeways, the producer remembers how [nearly all of] The Smiths liked to balance hard work with references to their favourite comedy.

"Johnny [Marr] and Andy [Rourke] were completely obsessed with Spinal Tap," he says, "and there were mini Stonehenges of cigarette packs left all over the studio.... Andy had learned - by note - the bass line to Big Bottom!

"We only did that when Morrissey wasn't in the room, though. Don't worry."