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California Son is released on May 24, 2019.

At about 12:05 UK time, all the rest of the album tracks were posted on Morrissey's YouTube.

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Commuter offended by Morrissey posters plastered across Merseyrail station - Liverpool Echo
The former Smiths frontman has shown support for Tommy Robinson and far-right party For Britain


Merseyrail has ordered the removal of Morrissey posters plastered on its services and stations after an angry commuter complained about the singer's controversial views.

The former Smiths frontman is advertising his new solo album, California Son, which is due to be released on Friday.
However, his support for far-right parties and leaders have made him a controversial figure - leaving Merseyrail scrambling to get the posters removed after one Liverpool commuter voiced his offence.

Jack Dotchin, 32, was taking a Southport service into...
Relationship status with Morrissey’s new covers album: It’s complicated - A.V. Club
By Josh Modell

B grade.
tl/dr: "Without the baggage of his political views—which is where the letter grade on this review comes from—California Son would be a worthy addition to a mostly stellar catalog"
Germans leading music magazine ‘musikexpress’ rated California Son (4.5/6)


Translation via google:

Morrissey California Son
André Boße 23.05.2019

Morrissey wants to save his ass. The man also needs that: how much love did he receive until a few years ago, and how awkward and malicious was he dealt with it? The posse about the right-wing populist statements in an interview with the "mirror" was hard to bear, after which he canceled his entire European tour. The Mozzer on the ground!

Now the rehab begins: CALIFORNIA SON is a cover album recorded with honorable guests such as Ed Droste by Grizzly Bear and Petra Haden, and Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day is also there. The list should show: Look, I'm not isolated, I'm still part of the scene.

The selection of pieces is exquisite, Morrissey is a connoisseur, a fan - and he wants to prove it to us. He sends signals that politically put him back in...
An attempt at a push-back here, by Brendan O'Neill, editor of Spiked:

Morrissey is the rock rebel we need right now - spiked
You don’t have to agree with everything he says to appreciate his one-man war on conformist thought.


There are few things sadder in the world of cultural commentary right now than Moz-bashing. You can’t flick through the pages of the music press or browse a muso website without coming across a pained op-ed by some tragic fortysomething about how The Smiths saved his life when he was a fat, friendless 13-year-old and how distraught he now is to discover that Moz is a massive racist. In their view, that is. But then, in these people’s view everyone who didn’t vote Remain in 2016 and who doesn’t check their privilege on a weekly basis is a massive racist. They despise 21st-century Morrissey because – brace yourselves – he has different opinions...
While most of the media seems to be in Morrissey meltdown mode, thank goodness for old reliables like Civil Service World!

Heaven knows he was miserable then: Morrissey reflects on life as a civil servant - Civil Service World
By Jim Dunton
As the Smiths legend turns 60, Civil Service World looks back to Morrissey’s time on the government paybill

Opening paragraph:

"Steven Patrick Morrissey is not the first celebrity to have a stint in the civil service tucked away at the bottom of their CV, and he certainly won’t be the last. But as the legendarily dour singer of 1980s Mancunian music legends the Smiths turns 60, what better time could there be to reflect on his brief – but seemingly character-forming – spell in the state’s employ?"

(Most of the article is simply quotes from Autobiography, but hey. It did remind me of...
Morrissey - California Son (4 of 5 stars) - TONSPION
By Kerstin Kratochwill

German music website tonspion reviewed California Son.

Translation via google.

“Oh Morrissey: The beauty of the new cover versions have a flaw, because escaping into nostalgia can not just wipe away the presence of some ugly remarks - unless you're dazzled by the Californian sun .

Morrissey has a grudge against politics, the media and the monarchy in the UK. For a long time his new homeland has been the United States - even though he has a grudge against Donald Trump. One of the...
California Son review by Hugo Cassavetti (rating: 4 of 4) - Télé

Review of California Son in French.