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From Dominic:

LIHS producer Joe Chiccarelli interview in Feb Sound on Sound mag:

"I've said my piece and I have nothing else to say." - Morrissey

Article online (paywall for full version):

The Morrissey Effect - Sound On Sound
Joe Chiccarelli & Maxime Le Guil: Recording Low In High School

Team photo: producer Joe Chiccarelli (right) and engineer Maxime Le Guil were reunited for Low In High School, having worked together on Morrissey’s previous album in 2012.

Scan from Dominic:

Believe Morrissey had a friendship (of sorts) with him which is touched upon in autobiography

Actor Peter Wyngarde, star of Department S, dies aged 90

Peter Wyngarde, star of Jason King and Department S, dies aged 90 - The Guardian
‘Unique, original and creative’ actor who also appeared in Flash Gordon and Doctor Who



A bit more than a 'strange/unexpected' reference, but not exactly news either.

It's asserted that's Joe Strummer in the left background via other picture sources and also Jesse Tobias commenting on the exact same post on Sam's (photography) Instagram.
The picture has been around on Pinterest et al for many years and is also cited to be taken in London.

Non-text version:


Unfortunately, the pictures have been subject to FB's image compression.
Photo by SER. Interview by J.Beviglia (who I believe writes for American Songwriter Magazine).

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FYI- the interview is from the current issue of American Songwriter magazine, the “Legends” issue!