Morrissey Central "New! New! New!" 2024 Dates for South American tour leg (September 22, 2023)

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Morrissey Central "AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND SELL OUTS" (September 18, 2023)

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Very few tickets left in Brisbane and Melbourne

The Guardian: Morrissey/Johnny/Andy references in an interview with Rick Astley (September 16, 2023)

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Morrissey/Johnny/Andy references in an interview with Rick Astley, in the Guardian.

People have been surprised that a pop star like you loved the Smiths.
My big brother Mike introduced me to them, and I went a bit nuts about them. The fact they were from my nearby city, where I’d go and buy records, blew my mind – a friend and I stalked [bassist] Andy Rourke around town once, amazed he was real. They still sound so unique, with this very English way of singing that only a few other bands, like Pulp, do well. I couldn’t sing about love in anything but a mid-Atlantic twang.

Johnny Marr tweeted criticism of your original Smiths covers shows with Blossoms in 2021. He’s since made up with them in person. Have you ever met?
No. We both played Electric Picnic recently and I watched his show – his style of...

Omega Auctions: Audio Equipment and Music Memorabilia - Morrissey & The Smiths lots (September 12, 2023)

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Another large auction over 2 days.
Only a few relevant items:

Lot 538:

"A yellow Dolce and Gabbana shirt (16 1/2 / 42 on sizing label) owned and worn by Morrissey including on the cover of the album 'I Am Not a Dog On a Chain', as well as onstage at Manchester G-Mex, 23rd December 2006. Sold with original ticket stub from the concert as well as typed letter of provenance detailing how the original owner caught the shirt when it was thrown into the crowd by Morrissey."


Lot 539:

"A tambourine (approx 10") diameter bearing signatures in various inks by Morrissey, Johnny Marr, Andy Rourke, Mike Joyce. Believed to have been stage used and signed c 1984/5. Mounted and framed (frame 16.5x16.5")."

[ATTACH type="full"...

Factory International: "A night with The Johnny Marr Orchestra" (on December 7-8, 2023)

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Get ready for a night of classics and fan favourites brought to life with a new, expanded sound as Johnny Marr takes to the stage with a full orchestra.

Known for crafting a generation-defining guitar sound with The Smiths,
Marr has carved out an equally impressive solo career, bringing his masterful playing to a new generation of indie rock fans.

In 2022, Marr released his fourth solo album Fever Dreams Pts. 1–4 to widespread critical acclaim, before touring with the likes of Blondie and The Killers. Now, he brings his live show back to where it all began – right here in Manchester.

For this special performance at Aviva Studios, Marr is joined on stage by some of the best classical musicians from across Manchester. Together, they’ll reinterpret Marr’s mightily impressive catalogue in A Night with the Johnny Marr Orchestra.

This looks rather...

Morrissey Central "Mexico City" - dengue infection will take 2-3 weeks to clear; tour to resume in Florida (September 10, 2023)

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Looks like he caught Dengue Fever - all shows cancelled until Florida on 7 October. All South American dates cancelled.

Morrissey’s arrival in Mexico City has resulted in a dengue infection. The virus will take 2-3 weeks to clear.

The tour is set to resume in Florida.

Morrissey has not ‘cancelled’ any shows, but the infection makes the immediate two weeks impossible.

Palacio de los Deportes, Mexico City, Mexico due September 10, 2023 - rescheduled for October 31, 2023.

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"Translated from Spanish by Google
Morrissey... Cancelled.

An anonymous hamster
correspondent reported to us a while ago that something was wrong with the setup.
We investigated and now we confirm:
Morrissey says he is sick and it is cancelled!
We are waiting for an official announcement from 0CESA, but for the fans we hope that something can be resolved."

Started as word of mouth rumour.
More substantial 'sources' above.
No word if postponed or cancelled outright - or just misinterpreted rumours.

This is tentative information, if any ticket holders have direct sources of information, please let us know.
More details as things become clearer.
The thread status of rumour will be updated the moment an official Morrissey announcement is made.
Hoping this information is wrong and concertgoers aren't disappointed.


Reforma: "Morrissey maintains privacy during stay at CDMX" (Spanish translation) (September 7, 2023)

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Allegedly Morrissey is being managed by Peter Katsis again, according to this Reforma article published yesterday. Fans in Mexico have been trying to meet him and two have been lucky. Morrissey was happy to give autographs but when asked for selfies, Peter Katsis stepped in and said no. The article claims that the people currently working with Moz have received orders from Katsis that Morrissey must not have contact with fans.

Google Translate to English:

Morrissey maintains privacy during his stay in CDMX
03 MIN 00 SEG

Juan Carlos García

Mexico City ( 07 September 2023 ) .-18:48 hrs

During your week of stay in Mexico City, Morrissey he has become elusive with his fans, who are waiting fervently outside the hotel...

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