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En este link van a poder verlo en HD... 48269273_10215700893373002_447278439666286592_n.jpg

UPDATE Dec. 11:

Improved audio link "Back On The Chain Gang" and "Hairdresser On Fire" posted by ChicagoGuy in the comments:

@RogueCheddar / Twitter:

#Bumblebee is TOTALLY an 80s movie in the BEST way possible. Has major Spielberg and John Hughes vibes. There's like 4 running Breakfast Club gags and @HaileeSteinfeld (who is great) spends half the movie trying to make Bumblebee appreciate The Smiths. Holy crap I loved that.

Twitter reactions and reviews have revealed that The Smiths are the main character's favorite band, and Bumblebee (the car) cant stand Morrissey's voice, even possibly going as far to say "fuck Morrissey".

However, by the end of the film, Bumblebee has been won over by The Smiths.

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Low In High School 2 LP Deluxe Reissue has been released (Dec. 7, 2018)

Oh no.

Pete Shelley.

Buzzcocks singer Pete Shelley dies at 63 - BBC News
Buzzcocks lead singer Pete Shelley has died at 63 of a suspected heart attack.

Link to Morrissey's cover of "You Say You Don't Love Me" by The Buzzcocks posted by Surface: