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I felt the urge to watch the "Sunny" music video as it had been awhile since I'd seen it and heard the song. Out of curiosity I'll sometimes look at YouTube comments, and I noticed a few responses by (someone claiming to be?) one of the actors in the video.

I screenshotted the comments, which describe the circumstances surrounding M's career at the time and the making of the video. I don't recall ever reading anything about this in the bits of Morrissey trivia I've happened across over the years - or in Autobiography, but it's been awhile since I read that.

Was this 'Drew Robinson' really one of the actors in the "Sunny" vid? Drew, are you a member of these forums? Does anyone know anything else about this?

Edit: Looking at the chap's profile, he does seem to be the sandy-haired guy in the "Sunny" vid.

UPDATE Aug. 9:

Morrissey to play on Saturday Nov. 3 according to @mozangelesevents / Instagram. An anonymous person posted the link:

(The '@' links to a new Twitter profile for the event).

From (2 day image updated):

Appears to come from Peter Katsis. Appallingly written mess of a statement.

Link here:

Text here:

"The N.M.E. used to represent the underground.

Now they are becoming known as The Guardian of rock music.

They had to stop printing copies.

Not because no one buys magazines.

Print publications like Q Magazine and Kerrang! still exist, because they remember who they are.

But not N.M.E.

They forgot who they were.

And because they just aren’t cool anymore.

N.M.E. are also just full of shit.

And can’t even afford good writers to work for them.

They like to remind readers of all the past allegations of the year, despite their lack of any basis in fact, despite that they are just re-hashing stories over and over, old news, fake news, etc.

But they leave out their own old issues, of lawsuits lost, and legal battles that forced them to apologize to M in the past.

And they lie more than Donald Trump.

Can king of controversy Morrissey keep his most hardcore fan contingent – Latino Americans – on side? - NME

The musical icon's forthright opinions are losing him fans at home, but the passion famously runs deep among his Latino fanbase.

By Bob Chiarito.


"Former Moz fan Dave Haslam recently helped organise an anti-racism party during the singer’s scheduled Manchester concert in July, a concert that Morrissey claimed on his website was cancelled “Due to logistical circumstances beyond our control.”

“He had to cancel his shows in Manchester because of our boycott,” said Lois Browne, coordinator of the UK-based group Love Music Hate Racism that teamed with Haslam.

“It showed the solidarity of people and that the majority do not accept racism or fascist ideas. Of course, he gave a different reason for the cancellation,” Browne said. Morrissey...
Scans from James.

Mail on Sunday ‘Event’ magazine, 04/08/18.


She defends her pal Morrissey, who has recently been accused of racism for speaking out in favour of the far-right For Britain party and having described the Chinese as 'a sub-species' in 2010.

'I'm proud to be one of what he calls his seven friends,' smiles Hynde. 'He made a reference to the Chinese and that got him into trouble, but he was talking about the practices of how they treat dogs and put them in cages and bludgeon them to death. He's an animal-rights guy and he gets emotionally upset by the treatment of animals.'

She still sometimes meets Morrissey 'for an impromptu pint' at her local pub in Maida Vale, west London.

Interesting piece with short video. Neil McCormick, well-known music critic writing for The Telegraph, has compiled a Great British Songbook in response to the often-cited Great American Songbook.

He's picked out 100 songs: The Beatles, The Rollings Stones and Bowie obviously feature heavily but there's also English folk songs and standards, The Pogues, Anthony Newley, Kate Bush, Joy Division, Elvis Costello, Noel Coward, The Cure and a whole heap more. It's a great playlist and can be found on Spotify:

He has this to say about the two Smiths entries:
There is a Light That Never Goes Out – The Smiths (Marr, Morrissey), 1986
A classic by one of the greatest writing teams. Johnny Marr’s luminous gifts as a melodicist were pushed into strange realms by Morrissey’s unique lyricism.

Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want – The Smiths (Marr, Morrissey), 1984
Morrissey has rarely been so artless as he...