Morrissey Central "PESTANA PALACE" (February 27, 2024)

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February 27, 2024
The 'new' Morrissey interview and accompanying photographs at Pestana Palace are a hoax. Morrissey has not been to Portugal for many years, and does not give interviews unless at gun-point.

The interview referenced is labelled "Published on Dec 31, 2014" and is found here:

(article image added to OP)

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GoFundMe for Jo Slee

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Via Ally Phillips:

"...In July 2023 Jo was diagnosed with a recurrence and is now embarking on an intensive period of treatment, healing and recovery, again combining allopathic and holistic medicine. She tried chemo, but after two rounds, had to decline as the side-effects were so ferocious and catastrophic.

Since then she has had ablation to metastases in her liver, and is now fully immersed in a protocol of ongoing holistic treatment, alongside NHS tests and monitoring.

The most recent test results (January 2024) have been encouraging, showing further reduction in both primary and axilla sites, and the liver clear.

Funding: Initial costs, including supplements, many trips to hospital locally, a private consultation, and the trip to UCLH in London for liver ablation, came to £1820. We estimate that ongoing specifically targeted supplements and vitamins will cost £476 per month. Thus the target we have set is the initial cost plus 24 months of ongoing support (£11,424)...

Taeyong of K-pop band NCT in a Morrissey t-shirt

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Here's Taeyong of K-pop band NCT in a Morrissey t-shirt (for the oompa loopa challenge in celebration of the movie Wonka), as mentioned in the podcast.

A better photo of Taeyong of NCT in a Morrissey shirt.

Mporium (UK): "Limited Edition “Peace Sign” Black Harrington Jackets are now available to pre order" (February 23, 2024)

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Morrissey Limited Edition “Peace Sign” Black Harrington Jacket with Morrissey Peace Sign embroidery and tartan lining.
Ships April 1st.

Via marketing email.
Not yet showing Stateside.

TMDQA!: "Producers say Morrissey has not yet returned money from shows in Brazil and explains ticket situation" (February 21, 2024)

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Producers say Morrissey has not yet returned money from shows in Brazil and explains ticket situation

Morrissey may be causing financial inconvenience to his fans after canceling his two shows in Brazil, which were scheduled to take place this February.

According to the national producers who were responsible for the ex- The Smiths' performances in the country, the veteran musician has not yet returned the fee that was paid for the performances in advance.

Morrissey's first announcement in Brazil indicated that the artist would visit São Paulo and Brasília with the tour that celebrates his 40-year career in September last year. However, after the singer was diagnosed with Dengue, the shows were rescheduled for February 2024.

At the end of January this year, with less than a month to go before the shows scheduled for February 22nd, in São Paulo, and 24th, in Brasília, a statement said that Morrissey was “under medical supervision due to physical exhaustion.”.

Producers say...

Morrissey Central "SO THIS IS WHERE YOUR FATHER WAS BORN?" (February 22, 2024)

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"Maxwell Hall was the end of the 'heavy petal' aspect of live Smiths. The level of determination from the audience was hysterical and life-changing … suddenly they were a comic-strip photomontage of bare-chested lads of immovable strength … each an out-stretched grab of rough kindness - loudly singing sand-paper voices and square chins, and all of a sudden I'm the Fabian of the slums. In fact, not an audience at all, but a gathering of wrestlers still chewing on yesterday's Hubba Bubba. They look as if someone is out to get them … and they are right! Everything happened so quickly in 1986. Ten years earlier I had seen three Sex Pistols gigs in Manchester, and they were fantastically agitated whereas this night in Salford is a glory celebration. 'Panic' would be released at 9:AM the next day; number 11 by the following weekend; no airplay of course because...

"The Smiths" album turns 40 - various articles (February 20, 2024)

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Backloaded: The Smiths’s Self-Titled Debut Album Turns 40

In hindsight, the band's debut plays like an inverse of their final album.

Why The Smiths' 1984 debut is their most underrated album

Morrissey, Marr and co's first LP lives in the shadow of The Queen Is Dead, but it's a strong statement of intent.

Via @BookishBoy:

This One Is Different Because It’s Us: The Smiths at 40

On this day in 1984, four Manchester boys put out an album that would change the destiny of rock and pop music forever.


'Morrissey and Wine' podcast launches first episode (February 19, 2024)

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The 'Morrissey and Wine' podcast, from the team behind the Morrissey Mercury fanzine, launches its first episode today.

Grandma Val reacts to a Moz song, we dissect the meanings of tracks including 'I Am Veronica' and 'I Live in Oblivion', and Mozarmy founder Julie Hamill shares some big news.

You can listen on Spotify () or Apple ( We'll be uploading to more platforms in the coming days.

Really hope you enjoy it. All the best.

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