Guitar World: "Dave Keuning on Johnny Marr’s enduring influence: “We talked about countless Smiths songs in the early Killers days”" (May 5, 2022)

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Dave Keuning on Johnny Marr’s enduring influence: “We talked about countless Smiths songs in the early Killers days”

Stray article.

Hamish Hawk releases cover of "Please, Please, Please..."

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My new fave band Hamish Hawk just released a covers album and The Smiths- Please, Please, Please Get What I Want is on it!

Alison Martino Instagram - photo / clips from Morrissey's birthday celebration

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Check out Alison Martino’s Instagram stories for some sweet Moz party video.

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Joe Chiccarelli Mixing Morrissey "Istanbul" coming soon on pureMix - pureMix / YouTube

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Unfortunately, the full 1hr+ show is behind a pay wall and not on YT where it was advertised.

Little consolation, but it would have featured:

Joe Chiccarelli is a first call producer, engineer, and mixer for some of the world's finest artists, such as Elton John, The Killers, Jack White, Frank Zappa, Alanis Morissette, The Strokes, and so many more.

In this exclusive, Joe opens up the multitrack from "Istanbul" and breaks down the mix while explaining the tracking of the song, the thought process behind his mic placement, and every mix decision. Including a multitude of parallel processing and how he finds the sweet spot on a console for the right amount of saturation and glue.

Watch as Joe:
Explains the origins of the song and their intention as they crafted it from the ground up during tracking
Breaks down his parallel processing on drums, including distressors, a Chandler TG1 limiter, and a UA 176, while explaining which...

Olivia Wilde rocking a Morrissey tee

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Rumours about Olivia Wilde being pregnant, due to her being spotted in this Morrissey t-shirt in NYC.

The full story, if you like a bit of celeb gossip re Harry Styles, is here.

Morrissey turns 63 - May 22, 2022

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Morrissey turns 63 - May 22, 2022

Now a Central post:

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The Smiths live at the Nottingham Royal Centre on 21st Oct 1986, playing "How Soon Is Now?" and "Still Ill" - Soundsville International / YouTube

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The Smiths live at the Nottingham Royal Centre on 21st Oct 1986, playing How Soon Is Now and Still Ill

Concert Filmed by Soundsville International. This is taken from my master Video8 tape.

Memories from the night

My Parents were in the process of moving to Lincoln in 86, and they were renting a flat while they looked for a house. It just so happened that they were away that week, and as Lincoln is not far from Nottingham, we decided to borrow their flat for the night. We drove up from London in our trusty VW Camper van in the afternoon. Picking up a pizza as we drove through Lincoln, we found the flat and had some tea (that's an evening meal for all you non Brits ... although we may have had a cup of tea with it).
Nottingham is about 40 miles from Lincoln. We didn't leave the flat until early evening, so time was quite tight as we entered the city. It has a ring road round the city centre, which wasn't easy to navigate. We could see the...

Morrissey Central "Las Vegas, 2022" - Vegas shows to showcase songs from "Bonfire of Teenagers" (May 20, 2022)

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As per Morrissey Central:-

May 20, 2022

The Morrissey concerts in Las Vegas in July will showcase songs from the album 'Bonfire Of Teenagers', which was recorded in January 2021.

"The thrill of this album was the speed under which it was recorded. Considering the knots of grief I had experience[d] at the time, it made 'Bonfire' an incredible achievement for me."


Wonder which songs will be played?

Media item:

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