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Morrissey pictured with Rise Records CEO (Craig Ericson).

Continuing their ongoing 'love' affair with Moz, which has been going on for years and years.....
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Here is the promo video - featuring Andy Rourke and Craig Gannon. You know what -I actually like this!

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Ryan Adams, Our Valentine's Day Guest DJ, Addresses Love And Lonesome Roads - NPR


On The Smiths' "Well I Wonder":

"I think that he is describing that unbelievable force of extreme longing... it's the most romantic feeling. This is, in my opinion, probably the greatest song I know. I think he's describing that unbelievable force of extreme longing, and it's the most romantic feeling — it's the perfect storm of just utter romance. Every color is as bright as it could be."
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Young Lights - Understand, Man (Official Video)
Mexico City sold out.

16 February 2017

Morrissey's forthcoming show at the Sports Palace in Mexico City has sold out. All 21,000 tickets were sold within two days.

Morrissey has commented: "Estoy echando mis brazos alrededor de México. ¡Viva México!"

above photomontage by Moses S. Valiente.
Morrissey Mexico City -
15 February 2017

On the first day of sales, Morrissey has sold seventeen thousand tickets for his Mexico City show at the Sports Palace.

above photomontage by Moses S. Valiente.