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Morrissey spotted getting into Mini with bumper sticker of his OWN FACE - Manchester Evening News
Is it really so strange?


It takes a bold man to be driven around in a car with a bumper sticker of his own face.

It appears Morrissey is indeed that man.

The ex-Smiths frontman was seen out and about in Hale Barns on Thursday.

He popped into Booths for a few bits and bobs with a pal, according to shoppers.

Moz was pictured getting out of a white Mini Cooper convertible before going inside the store.

He returned with his mate with bags of groceries and cat litter.

It was all rather mundane.

What had onlookers smiling was the bumper sticker on the car.

Showing a younger Morrissey in an England t-shirt, it read: "I only swerve for Morrissey."

"The bumper sticker was absolutely brilliant," one person said.

"It was very Morrissey."...

Crash taking pre-orders


b-side noted by Alexi:


Side A 1. Wedding Bell Blues
Side B 1. Brow of My Beloved

Famous when dead posted similar information from Piccadilly Records with a May 10, 2019 release date.

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Josh Madden & Trent Vanegas discuss The Smiths via a podcast.

To download or listen (50 mins):

First Person - #1006: The Smiths:

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UPDATE Mar. 11:

Link with similar photos posted by Thewlis:

March 9, 2019

All 7 shows for Morrissey on Broadway went on sale yesterday morning and sold out instantly.
On my GP's advice í avoid, like the plague, Radio 4's 6:30pm 'comedy slot'. Because it is shit.

But, tonight, for reasons í won't go into, í was temporarily physically incapable of getting to the wireless to avert the dial.

Hence, í heard the opening 5 minutes or so of this ~

~ "The Wilsons Save The World" ~ a 'comedy' about "a modern family attempting to live their best ethical life" (yes, really) co-written and starring horse-faced toff rent-a-comic Marcus Brigstocke.
The set-up for to-night's episode "You Can't Do That Anymore" (astonishingly the 2nd epsiode of the 2nd series) is that Dumb Dad Wilson is singing along to "There is a Light that Never Goes Out", in a faux Morrissey voice, when his Millenial Brat Daughter enters and tells him to stop, pointing him in the direction of a website that lists all of Morrissey's 'crimes'. Daughter then tells...