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Rough around the edges: Former Smiths record label manager talks about his latest batch of Irish acts

"The first question you must of course ask Geoff Travis is what he thinks of Morrissey’s ongoing descent into far-right notoriety. Back in 1980s Travis discovered The Smiths and, with his record label Rough Trade, helped propel Moz toward gladioli-flourishing immortality. How long ago that must seem — how bittersweet the memories.

“Not bitter, no,” says Travis. “It was one of those periods that went by in a flash. Morrissey wasn’t the person he now seems to be. He was an interesting character to be around. As a band, The Smiths were an unstoppable force. A lot of years have gone by. I don’t think I’d recognise the Morrissey of today. It’s sad what he’s become, in...
New crop / moved lettering artwork via an Italian record site:

(Apologies - only a small image currently)

The original image on Morrissey Central (Oct. 12, 2019):


Update (Nov. 14):

Although this release isn't on the indie store Warners release sheets for the 6th, 13th or 20th of December - it is showing on the Warner's sales portal with a release date of December 13th.
The Warner's product number is: "4050538559873".
If searched for, this code gets 2 hits for Italian record shops:

Both with changed artwork and cite a December 13th release date too.

I'm sure there will be more details to follow and as there isn't 100% certainty (which I prefer when it comes to people spending their...
Came across this in Northern Ireland

Posted by The Ulster Fry/ Facebook: Before he becomes totally irrelevant thanks to his recent right-wingnut behavior - here's an exclusive listen to the secret Irish Folk album by Morrissey, sent exclusively to the Ulster Fry.
Heard this live today on the radio program Press Play. Host Madeleine Brand interviews Melissa Hidalgo - author of “Mozlandia: Morrissey Fans in the Borderlands”. The 16 min segment can be heard at the link below:

Morrissey’s politics divide his LA fan base
Another article about how progressive and open-minded people shouldn't listen to Morrissey anymore, this time from the pop culture website, Comic Book Resources:

Netflix's Daybreak Can't Escape Its Huge Morrissey Problem - CBR
by Renaldo Matadeen


"Sing Your Life" clip posted by an anonymous person:

Related item:
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Ok - one last thing - do you think this post of a montage pic of him in his Smiths days with Elvis & his band is his mini-burn back at Marr?

Live Shot - Morrissey Central
November 9, 2019
Link from Pablo Honey:

How Do We Move Forward When Every Artist We Love Is ‘Problematic’? - Junkee
by Jared Richards

Morrissey, once a bastion for self-styled sensitive misfits and outcasts, is now a deep disappointment for most fans.