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Confirmed support for the gig:



(Has Morrissey seen their latest video - included above!?).
Another Californian date has appeared, but they are using 'proper' artwork:


I wonder what people will dress as? :)

Also, the San Diego Nov. 10 show is now on Ticketmaster, pre-sale on Sep. 18. Link posted by an anonymous person.

Additional information posted by Zoinks in the comments:

Thanks for posting! Most of the interesting stuff comes at the end of part 2. But Mike speaks warmly of the other Smiths throughout.

Some revealing comments about Morrissey. Mike says he still loves Morrissey. He said he was part of the protective ring around him as were the other members of the band, because he seemed so vulnerable - he said his family protects him now.

Mike saw him in a computer shop 2 - 3 years ago, Moz was at the counter with his mother's computer and Mike was behind him, but was pulled away before Moz saw him.

He hopes Morrissey doesn't mean to be racist, that he is being misunderstood. Although I don't know how he thinks endorsing a far right political party could be misunderstood.
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