Morrissey Central "FRIDAY 26 JULY" (April 13, 2024)

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On Friday 26 July, Warner Records will re-issue Morrissey's 1993 live in Paris album, Beethoven Was Deaf. The release is global, and the album will be available on CD, black vinyl, and orange vinyl.
The album originally reached #13 in England, but was not released in the U.S. The venue is the Zenith in Paris.

Two special event concerts are planned to launch the July release. Please watch this site for details. New sleeve above.

Beethoven Was Deaf to be reissued:

Fretsore Records / YouTube: Dana Gillespie - Spent The Day In Bed (Official video)

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Hmm... Not for me!

Morrissey Central "DANA GILLESPIE VINYL" (April 9, 2024)

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April 9, 2024

The first 7-inch single from Dana Gillespie's new album is Spent The Day In Bed, and is available on 19 April. The song is from Dana's new album First Love, which is released on 31 May on CD, standard black vinyl, and special colored vinyl. Production is by Marc Almond and Tris Penna, and above sleeve photography is by Terry O'Neill, with sleeve art by Morrissey.

Order Dana's vinyl 45 here:

Sister Ray:

Rough Trade:

For further information contact:

[email protected]

Related item:

Mozarmy: "All About Andy" event lineup revealed (April 7, 2024)

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Official line up for #AllAboutAndy Andy Rourke on 17/18 May 2024 The Star and Garter will include the specially curated "ROURKE" band: ANDREW PARESI (drums for Morrissey), EZRA MARTIN (bass) JUSTIN PARSONS (guitar) & JOHN KAPP (guitar) featuring on FRIDAY: STEPHEN HOLT (Inspiral Carpets), JOHN ROBB (The Membranes,) KEELEY MOSS (Keeley) and JENNY DRAG (The Priscillas). "ROURKE" will play a varied catalogue of Andy Rourke from The Smiths to Morrissey to Sinead O'Connor, Kirsty MacColl...

The Smiths & Morrissey Rarities / FB Group: Recent photo of "Have-A-Go Merchant" promo cover star

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Cover star of Have-A-Go Merchant.
The image was first published in Nick Knight's 1982 book "Skinhead".
Said page:



Taz: Courtney Taylor-Taylor (Dandy Warhols) on Morrissey (March 24, 2024)

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[originally posted in the Strange/unexpected Moz references? thread]

I file this under "unexpected", as positive mentions seem so rare these days:

Courtney Taylor-Taylor of the Dandy Warhols had this to say when asked for his opinion on Moz:

"Wow, that is a complicated question for how few words are in it. As a lyricist, he is one of the greatest ever. As an icon he is one of the greatest ever. As a person he is up there with Glenn Danzig as far as having a huge target for people to take potshots at but at the end of the day, the world is a way cooler place for having Morrissey."

German newspaper Taz / Dandy Warhols

The Guardian: "Who’s bad? From Michael Jackson to David Bowie, why are some stars uncancellable" by Tim Jonze - tiny Moz mention (April 1, 2024)

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How do you grapple with cases in which there are conflicting views and grey areas? Does Morrissey’s embrace of far-right political groups such as For Britain have to be weighed on some kind of moral scale against Johnny Marr’s progressive values, to work out if the Smiths are cancelled? Should Benjamin Zephaniah be shunned for being violent towards a former girlfriend, or is he excused because he was the one who wrote about it, expressing regret and the need to be better? Before long, my list of factors had spiralled into a tangle of nuances and contradictions.

terrythesnapper / Instagram: Morrissey photo from the last week in the UK

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[originally posted in the Strange/unexpected Moz references? thread]

Photographer by trade.
No context given.

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