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December 9, 2019

103 years old today !!!!!!!!

Small picture from Young Man With A Horn (with Doris Day, 1950):

With A Song In My Heart

thought I’d show this wonderful piece of history off...

U.K. Vauxhall & I LP with 2 posters, one with a handwritten letter on the back from Morrissey, to “Alan”, presumably Alan Bennett, Morrisseys ex neighbour, friend and playwright, hence the references to ‘A Visit From Miss Prothero’ & ‘Intensive Care’, which were plays written by Alan, and adapted for television by the BBC in 1978 & 1982, respectively). Morrissey also makes mention of his album (Vauxhall) being the current U.K. #1 album, which acts a decent time stamp for when the letter was written, likely between 26th March ‘ - April 2nd, 1994.

(Poster measures 30 inches x 20 inches, making it one of the largest pieces of handwritten Morrissey text I’ve ever seen)

"The upcoming Morrissey exhibition, "To Morrissey, With Love," shows us that the perpetually offended are wasting their time...

There has been a constant carousel of headlines about Morrissey in recent years, and unfortunately much of them have not been about the music - which is still captivating his audience across the globe. Instead of the lavish praise kindly afforded to some performers in the music industry (merely for just being there and turning up, it seems) Morrissey has faced constant criticisms, usually created by those who have misunderstood the man and his meanings – or perhaps, more sinisterly, those who want to paint him in this light for the sake of selling a story. "


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Alanis Morissette has released Reasons I Drink, the first single from her 9th studio album titled Such Pretty Forks In The Road.

It might be of slender interest to Morrissey fans/ex fans but the song was co-written by Alanis with Michael Farrell.

Michael Farrell toured with Morrissey and contributed to studio recordings, even co-writing songs including At Last I Am Born, before parting ways around 2007/2008.

Stream the single on Spotify.