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„Platten sind wie eine Krankheit“ - Die Presse
Pop. Im Hauptberuf komponiert Gitarrist Boz Boorer die Musik von Morrissey. Daneben sammelt er fanatisch Platten und veröffentlicht Solomusik – in Wien.
Von Teresa Schaur-Wünsch
07.07.2017 um 18:52

Excerpt (Google Translate to English):

As a musician against the Brexit
Speaking of beer, the title song "The Age of Boom" tells of a retired babyboomer sitting all day in the pub doing little else than explaining the world to the others. Boorer himself is not ready for anything like this. After 30 years, both daughters are finally out of the house, "more time is left for gigs". Even if the sleeping on the bus does not seem to be glamorous and he finds traveling increasingly cumbersome. In the spring, he was with Morrissey in the US. His voice stimulus was not serious, but was due to a sand storm at a concert in Mexico. "We were still wondering why the singer had a mask like a Japanese...
Another Guardian clickbait article about Morrissey's middle-aged madness.

Yawn. Full of the usual types bemoaning the fact a man in his late 50s tends not to be the same as one in his 20s.

When did charming become cranky? Why a middle-aged Morrissey is so hard to love - The Guardian
by Dorian Lynskey
As a new biopic England is Mine charts the Smiths singer’s early life, fans speak of their disillusion at his increasingly outspoken views

UPDATE July 23:

Posted by Uncleskinny:

Here's the full page from today's Observer - notably, in the main 'News' section rather than the Review or Arts section.
As noted several days ago on July 17 by an anonymous person (original post):

Sam removed the facebook entry in question

Related item:
Filibuster 47 - 'England is Mine' Interviews - Film podcasts

Interviews done after the screening of the film at the Edinburgh festival with Mark Gill, Jack Lowden, Jessica Brown Findlay, and Laurie Kyniston.

Gill discusses wanting to make a film and not a bio-pic, the casting of Lowden - other actors auditioning did "weird impressions" of Morrissey while Lowden in a "bizarre audition tape" played the character in the script. Gill worked with Lowden for about a year before filming started. Lyrics from Hatful of Hollow, Morrissey's interviews, Billy Duffy and family of Anji Hardy were the main sources for the story. Film is sold all over. Movie "Submarine" is a reference point.

Lowden talks about his approach to the character and challenge of playing a person whom "everybody has an opinion about." Two weeks after finishing England is Mine, went to film Dunkirk.

The site super deluxe edition, have this extra info....
A five-LP box set (good value in the UK at £57) includes all the audio listed above, and a two-CD edition pairs the remaster with the bonus disc of demos etc.

Five LP vinyl release, with 2 cds sounds nice.

The Smiths / The Queen is Dead reissue - SuperDeluxeEdition
by Paul Sinclair


First Smiths deluxe • 3CD+DVD • 5LP vinyl • hi-res on DVD
Warners will issue a four-disc deluxe edition of The Smiths 1986 album The Queen Is Dead in October this year.

The album is generally considered to be the band’s best work (although for this writer...