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Separate thread again so the t-shirt collectors can see it in amongst the cd & vinyl posts (although it isn't available for individual purchase).

Not on the US Mporium yet as it's not the Sire version of the shirt :)

Pleased to see that Radio X released a full 1hr 25 recording of the In Conversation... with Johnny Marr:

They also posted the specific part where
Johnny talks about the split and subsequent help from other artists:

Worth a watch just for the Smiths tunes (and the story of how Hand In Glove came about).
Thanks to Radio X for the full event.
Recent Johnny Marr media with Smiths / Morrissey mentions:

A snip at £30.00.
Note: the single release date remains the 6th of July.
(bundle not showing on the US Mporium at the moment).

On the most recent edition of The Reducer, we branched out beyond our football remit to encompass List of the Lost, Morrissey's shockingly putrid novel. (Yes, that Morrissey). Co-host Seamas O'Reilly enjoys a lonely reign as a kind of Morrissey Fiction Laureate, having previously written a review of the novel that was longer than his college dissertation. With his benevolent permission, we are reproducing that review in full below. The review was first published in October 2015 on his personal website

"In common with every other gangly, box-limbed dork with a library card, my adolescence was defined by these kinds of notions. This time of my life was underscored by a steady click-track of mortifying pretension, and memories of all this pomposity and sexual frustration kept flooding back as I read Morrissey’s List of the Lost. Firstly, because the book is about a group of...
Johnny Marr: ‘A lot of people don’t even want to see The Smiths reform’ - The Irish Times
The former Smiths guitarist on his third album, ‘Call the Comet’ – his most personal yet – and why he's happy to stay solo


“The The reforming was a proposition that I had to think about. I played on the comeback single and playing with The The is a really great part of my story. So I guess if I was gonna join another band – and I didn’t join The The – I probably won’t join anybody. But I will be open to collaborations again in a couple of years, I think.”

I’m not going to ask that question, I tell him – the one that begins with “will” and ends in “reform” – but he smiles as he admits that he has been asked it less frequently in recent years. “Yeah, much less,” he says. “I think a lot of people don’t even wanna see it happen right now.”