Kristeen Young comments on Facebook "But, never go to Morrissey-Solo..."

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My secret's my enzyme.
The "secret" Identity of the first of kristeens 3 has now been revealed! (in fact weve known for ages!):(
And ive got a pretty good Idea who the other 2 are 2 !!!!! :(

Im off now, as im starting 2 get better and well again after being a bit unwell latley!
I just needed a little bit of spiritual healing, some TLC/suport from my friends and some positive thoughts ect and Im well on the way 2 recovery !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Think I will listen 2 kristeen young and morrissey on cd whilst I do one of the specail things that I do, well its nothing really!
Just can decide who 2 listen 2 first tho!!! may as well just put patti smith on first instead LOL !:)

Enjoy your evening everyone!!!! :)

I may be back a bit later in the very early hours of the morning whilst Im having a few glasses of wine! :)



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Tell ya what, my opinions about certain posters on here has well changed! :(

At least I dont go around slagging morrissey off in almost every single post I post, like one or 2 other members do on here! :(

Its one thing 2, and I absolutly welcome highly charged debate, controversay, and chaos ect by having opinions and views that differ greatly from others and welcome critisisims about morrissey ect, yes fine, in fact good!
But its another thing 2 go around and try and absolulty destroy this wonderfull man after all hes done and given us over the years, and continually post absolutly vile hatefull statements about how shit and rubbish he is! :(

Think posting in such an unleasant manner can put of new members from posting, and defeats the object of having a morrissey fan base forum , which is surly 2 have a varied, RESPECTFULL and thriving community of colourfull, and interesting people ! :) or maybe ive just lost the plot completey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

Maybe its time 4 kewpie 2 update and endorse the rules about posting on morrissey solo 2 Include some degrea of respect 4 morrissey !

Just posting my view as member (not banned yet!) for what its worth!
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