"Kristeen Young finds Morrissey educational" , mlive.com interview

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    Dec 6, 2008
    1. Skylarker
    2. myrna_minkoff
      It is beyond my better judgement to even post here, but I can't keep quiet. I second what Chrissie has said. As a person who knows each and every one of these people IN REAL LIFE, where one is held accountable for one's words and actions, and not beneath the guise of internet anonymity, this kind of hatefulness is absurd.

      Some of those mentioned are my dearest friends, and to be totally frank, I simply do not get along with some others. This, however, is beyond the point because no matter my personal appraisal of someone's character, I am so disturbed by the cowardice of taking to the internet and hiding one's own name while slandering those of others.

      And seriously, there are such better things to be nasty about. Pick something else, get out the house, and do something about it.

    3. Skylarker
      You mean like when Kristeen said to a bunch of strangers on Facebook that this website was made up three mental patients who should be euthanized? Oh OK.
    4. Mozza220559
      Women don't really like Kristeen because she had the rare chance of wrapping her legs around Morrisseys head and men aren't really fond of her because on the surface she appears to be a bit of a moany fruit cake. To be fair she was alright when I saw her supporting Moz in '06
    5. Anonymous
      Haha. Yeah right.
    6. Anonymous
      Chrissie, Lulu.... you have both said it better than me.

      Everybody referenced here in no particular order - Julian, Chris, Trinity, Chayane, Jonna, whoever else I might have missed... not to mention Julia who gets it all the time for simply existing... they are my friends. They are decent human beings who don't deserve a word of the nonsensical lies being spread about them, and I can guarantee that none of the usual mental patients here know them, and you're all just enjoying a little childish name calling about strangers because you have nothing better to do. I can also say that none of the above mentioned people give too much of a shit beyond an eyeroll at what's being said partly because of WHERE it's being said. No one takes this website seriously.. whatever dignity it once might have had is long gone.

      As for Kristeen, I don't know her but by every possible appearance she too is a good person. She has been kind to anyone and everyone I know who has ever had contact with her, however trivial. She goes on stage night after night and does her set in front of whatever audience she finds in front of her, and takes it seriously. Either you like her music or you don't, (for the record I mostly do so please feel free to throw some scorn my way), but if you've come here to endlessly talk shit about her it says far more about you than about her. And also for the record she seems to be quite happily living her life without regard to what strangers on the internet think about it.

      So enjoy your sad little circlejerk while the rest of us are all having nice lives in the real world.

      -Melissa from Nashville
      If you go to a bunch of shows you've probably met me. If you don't I suppose that's your loss.
    7. Skylarker
      Oh, clearly. That's why you've chosen to state your multi-paragraph opinion on it.
    8. myrna_minkoff
      Our choice to intervene has nothing to do with validating the legitimacy of this site. I would hope, though, that if my name were being slandered in public that the people who know me in real life, who have had real conversations with me, and who know me for who I am would be good enough to speak up.

      Now, pardon me, but between working on my PhD and work and planning for tour, nevermind fetching transatlantic care packages from that dick Chris, helping Chayane find ways to cheat people, babysitting Paul's neglected children, getting vegan chocolate to make John be nice to me, grabbing my drugs from Julian, and clawing my way to the inner circle by kissing KY's ass, I only find time to post on here every three years or so.

      HAVE FUN!
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    9. CrystalGeezer
      By my estimation the barrier clique is occupied by a bunch of entitled, selfish brats. You can pick your friends but you can't pick your family...or your zombies. Horrible people who hoard Morrissey. Sorry. Never not met an asshole in the pit of a Morrissey concert. The thought of drug deals and opening act ass kissing adds to the toxicity. Balcony for me, call me the fool.
    10. Skylarker
    11. Anonymous
      I speak to Kristeen but there is no way in hell that I want to be involved in Morrissey's "circle".
    12. Anonymous
      Fuck the parasites on the barrier. The real fans are on the balcony.
    13. CrystalGeezer
      Yeaaaaahhhhh!!!!!! :rock: (although I totally go barrier other shows. :o Moz fans don't allow it.)
    14. Anonymous
      An rich and engaging blog written by an Irregular Regular that demonstrates the manner in which our dear friend Chris went about enforcing the queuing at the barrier system in Japan this year.


      "Suddenly though, a set of foreign fans were upon me and seemed to look me up and down with a slight disdain that took a few moments more to recognize. I now recognize that look in retrospect as saying something along the lines of, "she doesn't know the system and is not in our set so had best get out of the way."
    15. CrystalGeezer

      Yep. Even if you play the game and stand in line all day (can you think of anything more boring than standing in line all day next to the kind of person that would stand in line all day? :squiffy: I don't lead an exciting life but I got shit to do even on a concert day.) there are these hidden rules that only the "die-hard" elite get to the front of the line and have a chance of being at the barrier. And do they take turns? "Oh I've been at the last twenty shows, you can take a turn whe he sings a couple songs in YOUR town." No way. Selfish pigs. AND if I had a camera at the Bakersfield show (left it in car or it was running out of battery or something, I forget.) I would've taken a pic of the regular noob in the plaid button down and cardi with blond hair who was TEXTING the entire show except for when Moz came to our side of the stage, then laying on the drama like Moz was transforming his life and soul, then back to texting the second he walked away. Why does HE get to take up space a Bakersfield kid could be standing at? Because he's a better fan? No. Because he has connections and Morrissey is his meth. His stage jumping high.
    16. CrystalGeezer
      I've been going to Morrissey concerts since 1991 and I still haven't got a handshake. :mad: I'm not bitter. But I think the only proper consolation prize is that he stick his penis in my vagina. I'm just saying.
    17. Anonymous
      One time I went to a Morrissey concert and the whole time in the front row I was texting everyone that I was in the front row and then when Morrissey would come over I had to interrupt my texting. I really wanted him to hand me the mic so I was putting it on when he looked my way. I wanted to show him my tattoo and read it to him on the mic at his concert in the front row in between texting. I think I could text while I hold the mic, have the band play Ice, Ice, Baby or Another One Bites The Dust and do a freestyle over it. The lights don't flash fast enough at Morrissey's show but there's probably an app for that.
    18. VivaGil
      sounds like some one has has one too many glasses of merlot maybe.
    19. Anonymous
      I'm not a fan of Kristeen or her music. I always go to the bar when she is on. The main trouble Kristeen has seems to the people she friends. The list you have made above are some of the worst ones, they claim to be Kristeens friend yet they are just users. They tour from country to country watching Mozzer and about just shitty ugly people.They all claim to love Kristeen yet they are on every FB page linked to Mozzer.
      The fact that Kristeen friends these jokers is mental and shows are trashy she is.
    20. Anonymous

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