Official Manager Statement regarding Morrissey’s health (January 26, 2024)


NealCassady posted news of South America cancellation:


Mexico City cancellation notice posted by On Returning.

Media item:
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Rest and do nothing. It's one of the things that you do quite well.

Get well soon!

So South America off and the entire year off?
If he’s truly ill, I’m deeply sorry and hope he recovers well. But I don’t buy this for a minute. If he was truly ill and couldn’t perform, he should’ve let the fans know when he canceled.
Also odd how he’s in Zurich when he was due to play in Los Angeles
As it turns out, doing nothing ( in Paris ) can also be physically exhausting ...

Get some rest and come back stronger Moz :handfist:
Exhausted due to 'doing nothing' in Paris? Exhausted due to all the previous shows he didn't do? Did this come on after Paris but before he was sitting writing obituaries? Utter bollocks.
Are we meant to believe that he intended to travel from Zurich to LA earlier this week, and that the cancellation announcement was only made once it dawned on him that he wouldn’t be able to make it?

If this statement has any truth to it at all, then I think it’s time he retired. He’s not getting any younger and clearly isn’t in great health.
Some of these comments are beyond.
Disgraceful behaviour of so-called fans.

Get well Morrissey xx
Cancelling show after show with no word, no apology - and then eventually dispatching a yes-man to make up Dengue fever and the like - that's what's disgraceful, not the people calling out crap they've heard a thousand times. Fans who travelled to see him have been shat on without a word and you think they should be lining up for more? Fool. As others pointed out, even the support band for the Quarry shows had the dignity to give a proper apology. This is the last excuse the M camp have got in a wide, deep barrel of excuses, and it's not convincing.
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