"Kristeen Young finds Morrissey educational" , mlive.com interview

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    MORRIZSEY Wrong species

    Dec 6, 2008
    1. Anonymous

      Well some of the fools on here can slag kristeen off as much as u like, but those of us who stand in truth and light, know how important and fantastic she really is! :)

      Her music does not adorn my own website for nothing! :)

      That privilege would only normally ever be reserved 4 morrissey! but Im making an ecception!

      Just been listening 2 her wonderfull music 2 nite, absolutley breathtaking !!!! :) Incredible ! :)
      And 2 even try and compare kristeen young 2 kate bush is just absolutely ridiculous! and an insult 2 just how much greater kristeen really is! :)

      Seductive, fearless, and outrageous - kristeen young creates performances that challenge, shock, and move us !
      She is, quite simply one of the most compelling artists of our time, of any time ! :)

      Well time 4 a glass of wine before I head of 2 bed! goodnite ! :)

      Wondered when you would pop in this thread Midnite! Nice to see you're still star struck by the vomit KY puts out :)
    2. Anonymous

      She's infinitely more talented than yourself don't forget, angry internet forum person.
    3. CrystalGeezer
      I bet that lazy dyke enunciates when she sings.
    4. MIDNITE

      Why thank you, your 2 kind! :)

      Im not sure theres many people who like me on this forum, im not very popular but.......
      Looks like theres a few people who actually " like" me on morrissey solo, and maybe, ya never know, even look forward 2 reading my posts!
      Dare I say it, but I may actually have a "fan" lol

      *midnite smiles and takes a bow*

      (Mind your there a few others who like me but they seem 2 have disapeared!)

      Think I may now have 2 stay on morrissey solo now after all instead of leaving !
      Im back again and I havent even left in the first place !!!!!!!!!!
      I just cant resist the temptation 2 keep posting!!!!! Its become like some kind of an addiction now!

      Well I cant possibly go yet anyways, coz ive not had the privilege of being banned yet and so not joined that fantastic infamous, exclusive group of honorable banned forum members!

      Maybe its worth going 2 www.kristeenyoung.com and download a track or 2 ? download say "the devil made me" that demonstrates her stuningly gorgeous vocals perfectly well !
      Shes utterly amazing live in concert, but her studio recorded stuff is slightly different 2 her live stuff !
      Its an absoultey wonderfull experience !!!!!!! :)

      I dont have 2 down load any tracks coz ive got all the CDs already! :)
    5. CrystalGeezer
      People don't like you because you are phoney. You're like a robot. Just be yourself and you'd get along, but you can't because you're hidden under so many layers of pretending you may never escape.
    6. Skylarker

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    7. CrystalGeezer

      I just saw this, you should check it out. :p
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    8. WatersDan
      I think she's brilliant and a riveting performer.
    9. Skylarker
      Actually I have very little use for Clapton and I certainly would rather have my nuts bit off by an AIDS-stricken Rottweiler than ever listen to Hendrix.

      However for some strange reason I have always found "Pretending" and "It's In the Way That You Use It" to be mind-blowingly awesome songs.
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    10. CrystalGeezer
      This song is heaven.

      I like It's In the Way You Use It. My favorite Clapton tune is probably White Room for some reason, I used to play it as a kid on my dad's record player without having any identifier that it's about an opium den, it was just a cool sound to my little ears.
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    11. Skylarker
      The only thing about Hendrix that I find interesting is that he was discovered by The Monkees and that opening for them was his first big break.
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    12. MIDNITE

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    13. CrystalGeezer
      I didn't know that. :squiffy:
    14. Skylarker
      Yes and he quit the tour because during his set, while he was fellating his guitar or whatever the hell drugged-out schtick he was trying make seem like legitimate rock art, the girls were screaming Davy's name too loud, and it annoyed him.
    15. CrystalGeezer
      Yeah, well. Full circle. The Monkees and Hendrix are about as compatible an act as Kristeen and Morrissey, IMO. Many tweets theorize Morrissey chose her sound to assault the crowd so he'd sound that much better. :lbf: Maybe the Monkees were doing the same thing.
    16. MIDNITE

      Think Im on the wrong forum ! :(

      Definitly not going 2 see morrissey in concert in the USA anymore, im cancelling it!
      May try and get 2 the NZ concert as Ive got loads of freinds in NZ there wonderfully friendly, sprituall and open minded people back there, we get along perfectly, as were on same wavelengh ect .:)

      Think 2 accuse other people of being "frauds" and "phoney" ect in order 2 hurt there feelings and make them cry ect without giving a single reason 2 substantiate there cruel abusive accusations, are revealed as.... well everyone knows exactly what they are !

      Everything ive ever said on this forum and revealed about myself ect is the truth, ive never lied about anything.

      So im going 2 carry on being myself who ever that is!

      Thank you ! :)

    17. Anonymous
      She is really bad.When I seen him it sounded like a woman being clubbed to death while a guy played drums in the backround.Worst opening act he has ever had.This is how you fix the tour,bring back Damien Dempsey to open.Get rid of Jesse and please bring back Alain,maybe he will bring Spencer and Gary with him and we can get the old band back together .I'm not serious of course but a man can dream right?
    18. CrystalGeezer
      Yeah, boo hoo she's been through a lot. The "Morrissey/Me Tour" is what she called it on twitter a couple weeks ago. :rolleyes: Spare me.
    19. cloverdean
      I careless for this Kristeen Young...blah
    20. Skylarker
      Good one!

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