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    Nothing specific. I guess we just rubbed each other the wrong way for awhile.
    I started off hating you...but now I actually think you're quite funny and clever.

    Just thought you should know.
    Yeah, loads of people live on here. I suggested they do what a lot of football forums do, where you have to sign up to even be able to view the forum, and then you still need to have your account approved before you can see/post on the forum, but I doubt they'd ever do it on here, meaning we'll keep getting newbies making threads about how shit Solo is with their first post
    Moz prob will still care, though lol As soon as his album's released, it'll all go back to worshipping him, aswell. And loads of people boycotting gigs AFTER the tour lol
    Kidding about the praise or making them? You shouldn't mess with people's emotions if it's the former! And the other forum is just one big frink thread!
    My 'thing' is editing Solo member's heads onto gay porn ;) And I have no idea how to pixelate stuff, either! You not on the other forum? I bet they'd love your sleeves... not.
    lollll. Just do them for me, then??? joking! I thought they were hilarious, but I think you posted them when I was banned, so I never got the chance to post in the thread. I don't think everyone noticed the pixelated bits, though... and yeah, but I suppose you can't have everything, as I find fans who copy everything Moz says/likes just as annoying as people like Viva Hate
    Obviously the ones with pixelated dicks! And yeah, too many trolls on here (Skylarker, Viva Hate) and I got banned for being one! No idea how these two have survived this long, though. I don't think me and you have ever really spoke apart from the odd quote in random threads
    I used to think you were a proper troll a few years ago, but you're probably my fave poster now! You need to do more of your photoshopped sleeves :thumb: :D
    "Not now, Silent Singer!". Sorry, don't know why I always feel the need to compliment/reference aspects of your profile, but I caught sight of your avatar just now and...well, I love Psychoville. :p
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