"Low in High School" 2 LP Deluxe Reissue (Dec. 7, 2018) details; press release

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Press release:

Morrissey Cements U.S. Legacy With Joan Jett Show, Top-Billing At Tropicalia Festival - Shore Fire Media
Announces Deluxe Reissue Of 'Low in High School'


The high-profile set at the Microsoft Theater will also offer a VIP ticket package that includes preferred seating for the show and a limited edition reissue of his latest record 'Low in High School'. Out on December 7th, the deluxe edition is a double vinyl that includes his "touching" (Billboard) cover of The Pretenders' "Back On The Chain Gang," five (5) live B-sides from the recording session, three (3) unreleased tracks, a limited edition lithographed photograph of Morrissey, and a rare version of a photo booth portrait taken when the legendary frontman was a student.

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Oh Chain Gang is on there? That makes sense.
Chain Gang comes out in November effectively as a single to promote the deluxe edition which includes 3 brand new songs and some live ones. Surely it will be on CD too, no?
Then we get the new covers album in March next year.
Title placed the same way that on Back on the Chain Gang artwork.
Is there a pattern ?
Oh the LP cover has the same image of my photo profile?well i think he read my messages,but not put the blue dreamers eyes on disc as i ask to him.Please read again this message and make also an album of originals songs with the two originals tracks we all know.Or i will send you to hell , my dear Morrissey.
But the regular album was already spread across two discs. Just under 54 minutes is quite a lot to cram into one vinyl.
Eh. I have LIHS on green vinyl and it's one record. Are you thinking of the deluxe double CD of World Peace?
I’m really looking forward to these three unreleased tracks. Intriguing titles.

edit: @NealCassidy - you don’t think they’re intriguing titles? Noticed the vote down thumb.
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Interesting marketing idea. Meeting goes like this, well chaps we all know that all of the Smiths and Morrissey titles have been skillfully put together and that is a massive part of their appeal so hey guys why dont we just throw it all under the bus and put the wording not where it should be. As in that Bill Hicks famous routine "why dont you kill yourself." if you know what i mean.
So Chain Gang will not be on the new album.

Ummm...Quite possibly....the kick back/ kick-up to Miss Chrissie wasn't enough....a la the comment, "that one was by B. Hynde."
Yeah, smart-ass. It's a double LP, which - with 20 tracks rammed on it - will sound like absolute f***ing GARBAGE. Perfectly suited to the crap that's on it and the people who will buy it.

Reissue, repackage. Extra track and a tacky badge.

What complete, hypocrotical f***ing LOSER he's become. Carry on then...

AND now...the inevitable time has come to set the record right ! Git it..."record" ??
Your great contribution to the world has been exactly what ? Y.G.M.M.W.I.G.
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