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  • Hi Allie, this goes a long way back froma 2008 post, but the youtube video was removed and I have no access to the song version, so would you have "Dear God Please Help Me" the full strings version anywhere downloaded for me to download myself? Thank you.
    Hi Allie Kewpie says your one of our autograph experts will you take a look at my post "signature help (again) " and let me know what you think? thanks.
    I'm still very interested in a DVD copy of 'Introducing Morrissey'..... Assuming that I have not just stumbled blindly over a 'Sarcasm Hurdle'.....

    Would it be possible to get a copy of Introducing Morrissey on DVD please?

    Hi, sorry to just PM you out of the blue.
    I would very much like a copy of Introducing Morrissey on DVD. I just wondered how much you would like to furnish me with a copy!?!
    Many thanks,
    Kind regards,
    I stopped posting your thread more than 1 hour ago, but JJ, PT and snowfallsoon keep posting irrelevant stuff in there.
    I was only joking about 'fink thread', that's all.
    of course the vids are fantastic you wont be dissappointed
    no mention of how well they were packaged?

    vid did arrive today cannot view them cause videorecorder is broke but the sound and picture quality was good,(the last time you viewed them) yes?
    Hi allie , MY mailbox is full so...can you sent me the ebayinvoice for the mozvideos(i have won )if you dont have tiem right now thts fine whenever you are ready(but use a solid package will you? i had trouble with ebay packages who ripped open cause of the a little parcel willbe fine i you think a sign in is needed..until now all packages arrived(with or without -did fall out-items)
    Hi Alan,
    How are you? I just burned a copy of O2 Wireless. It is great quality. Let me know if you need one.
    well where do you regard to the delivery costs???:)
    BTW..did the link work..i mean the raymonde one?
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