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  1. davidt

    "Low In High School" re-issue re-enters Official Vinyl Albums Chart Top 40 at #19

    As mentioned by an anonymous person (original post), Low In High School re-enters the Official Vinyl Albums Chart Top 40 (Dec. 14-20, 2018) at #19 with the release of the Deluxe version. Related item: "Low In High School" 2 LP Deluxe Reissue released (Dec. 7, 2018)
  2. davidt

    "Low In High School" 2 LP Deluxe Reissue released (Dec. 7, 2018)

    Low In High School 2 LP Deluxe Reissue has been released (Dec. 7, 2018) Low In High School Deluxe - tagged articles Low In High School Info - tagged articles
  3. Famous when dead

    Morrissey album release - Morrissey Central (13th Nov.)

    "The Deluxe version of Low In High School is available on 7 December. The double album features new art-work, three previously unreleased studio tracks, five live B-sides, an inner screen print, 12 tracks comprising the original album, plus the latest single "Back On The Chain Gang". Morrissey...
  4. stevienbain2

    Mporium bundles - "Low in High School" (Deluxe Edition) and "Back On The Chain Gang"

    The pre-order bundle link (1 clear vinyl, 1 translucent magenta, LIHSDX T-Shirt and art-print) ... BOTCG 7” clear vinyl & T-shirt also available as pre-order https://uk.mporium.org/products/low-in-high-school-deluxe-edition-pre-order-bundle LOW IN HIGH SCHOOL DELUXE EDITION - PRE ORDER BUNDLE...
  5. A

    "Low in High School" (Deluxe Edition) vinyl - sleeve and tracklist at Amazon

    Low in High School (Deluxe Edition) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07JK2C8YT/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_c_api_zEn2Bb1XF2CGE Description Vinyl (December 7, 2018) Deluxe Edition edition Number of Discs: 2 Label: BMG Rights Management (UK) Ltd ASIN: B07JK2C8YT Track Listings Disc: 1 1. My Love, I'd Do...
  6. A

    "Low in High School" 2 LP Deluxe Reissue (Dec. 7, 2018) details; press release

    Originally posted in the thread "Morrissey Official FB: Ltd edition Low In High School deluxe double vinyl linked to pre-sale?" Press release: Morrissey Cements U.S. Legacy With Joan Jett Show, Top-Billing At Tropicalia Festival - Shore Fire Media Announces Deluxe Reissue Of 'Low in High...
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