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    I Wanted to Believe in Morrissey (Or His Music, at Least) - Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu (2017)

    I Wanted to Believe in Morrissey (Or His Music, at Least) - Talkhouse With Low in High School, Moz commits sacrilege against himself. By Jamie Stewart | December 13, 2017 Excerpt: This review of Morrissey’s Low in High School was very challenging. On alpha-and-omega personal levels, Morrissey...
  2. davidt

    "Low In High School" re-issue re-enters Official Vinyl Albums Chart Top 40 at #19

    As mentioned by an anonymous person (original post), Low In High School re-enters the Official Vinyl Albums Chart Top 40 (Dec. 14-20, 2018) at #19 with the release of the Deluxe version. Related item: "Low In High School" 2 LP Deluxe Reissue released (Dec. 7, 2018)
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    "Low In High School" 2 LP Deluxe Reissue released (Dec. 7, 2018)

    Low In High School 2 LP Deluxe Reissue has been released (Dec. 7, 2018) Low In High School Deluxe - tagged articles Low In High School Info - tagged articles
  4. Famous when dead

    Morrissey album release - Morrissey Central (13th Nov.)

    "The Deluxe version of Low In High School is available on 7 December. The double album features new art-work, three previously unreleased studio tracks, five live B-sides, an inner screen print, 12 tracks comprising the original album, plus the latest single "Back On The Chain Gang". Morrissey...
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    Mporium bundles - "Low in High School" (Deluxe Edition) and "Back On The Chain Gang"

    The pre-order bundle link (1 clear vinyl, 1 translucent magenta, LIHSDX T-Shirt and art-print) ... BOTCG 7” clear vinyl & T-shirt also available as pre-order https://uk.mporium.org/products/low-in-high-school-deluxe-edition-pre-order-bundle LOW IN HIGH SCHOOL DELUXE EDITION - PRE ORDER BUNDLE...
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    "Low in High School" (Deluxe Edition) vinyl - sleeve and tracklist at Amazon

    Low in High School (Deluxe Edition) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07JK2C8YT/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_c_api_zEn2Bb1XF2CGE Description Vinyl (December 7, 2018) Deluxe Edition edition Number of Discs: 2 Label: BMG Rights Management (UK) Ltd ASIN: B07JK2C8YT Track Listings Disc: 1 1. My Love, I'd Do...
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    "Low in High School" 2 LP Deluxe Reissue (Dec. 7, 2018) details; press release

    Originally posted in the thread "Morrissey Official FB: Ltd edition Low In High School deluxe double vinyl linked to pre-sale?" Press release: Morrissey Cements U.S. Legacy With Joan Jett Show, Top-Billing At Tropicalia Festival - Shore Fire Media Announces Deluxe Reissue Of 'Low in High...
  8. davidt

    Joe Chiccarelli discusses recording Morrissey, "Spent The Day In Bed" walkthrough at NAMM 2018

    UPDATE Jan. 29: YouTube video has been removed but Oh My posted earlier: He says: "We've done 2 and a half albums together and we are about to go back in the studio and finish that half of an album that we didn't finish". Also, Oh My posted the link with some similar information: ‘A...
  9. davidt

    "The Morrissey Effect" - Joe Chiccarelli, Maxime Le Guil in Sound on Sound (Feb. 2018)

    From Dominic: LIHS producer Joe Chiccarelli interview in Feb Sound on Sound mag: "I've said my piece and I have nothing else to say." - Morrissey Article online (paywall for full version): The Morrissey Effect - Sound On Sound Joe Chiccarelli & Maxime Le Guil: Recording Low In High School...
  10. Famous when dead

    Morrissey interview (American Songwriter, Feb. 2018) posted - Official FB

    Unfortunately, the pictures have been subject to FB's image compression. Photo by SER. Interview by J.Beviglia (who I believe writes for American Songwriter Magazine). Regards, FWD. Posted by dotmatrix522 FYI- the interview is from the current issue of American Songwriter magazine, the...
  11. davidt

    Iggy Pop mentions "Low In High School", meeting Morrissey - BBC Radio 6 Music

    From Morten: Iggy played 'Spent The Day In Bed' (at around 19:15) and mentioned that 'Low In High School' includes some of the clearest songs of Morrissey's career. Also mentioned meeting Morrissey: 'Sometimes it's good to talk to people - if they're interesting. I had the chance to talk to...
  12. dotmatrix522

    BMG's Korda Marshall on "Low In High School" first week sales

    My apologies if this already was posted here or in another thread. I thought this was a nice little blurb on the LIHS first-week sales that BMG posted, complete with an accolade by Korda himself: UK: Morrissey's Low In High School marks eleventh consecutive Top 10 UK album - BMG BMG UK 24 Nov...
  13. Famous when dead

    Morrissey's December Speech 2017 - SER / YouTube

    (posted on SER's YT channel). This is definitely a never seen before, direct to camera discussion from Moz. Chart position, Der Spiegel, questioned by the American Secret Service as a result - possibly no free access to the US!? "Whatever will be in 2018 will be..." Regards, FWD. Media...
  14. davidt

    "Jacky's..." debuts at #1 in UK Vinyl Singles Chart; "Low In High School" #85 in 4th week

    "Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up On The Stage" debuts at #1 on the UK Vinyl Singles Chart Top 40 (week of Dec. 15, 2017). Also debuts at #45 on the Singles Sales Chart (link posted by Alainsane). Low In High School is #85 in the UK Top 100 Album Chart, down from #69 in its third week.
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    Morrissey on Politics, David Bowie, What His Fans Taught Him - interview in Rolling Stone

    Morrissey on Politics, David Bowie, What His Fans Taught Him - Rolling Stone The outspoken songwriter also talks lust, adolescence, "animal slaughter" and why he doesn't vote by Rob Sheffield
  16. davidt

    "Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up On The Stage" clear 7" vinyl released (UK, Dec. 8, 2017)

    "Jacky’s Only Happy When She’s Up On The Stage" b/w "You'll Be Gone" (live) on clear 7" vinyl is out now in the UK. "Jacky's..." (clear) vinyl now arriving at record stores ready for Friday, 8th December - Dec. 4, 2018 "Jacky's..." official video out on Thursday 30th Nov. - Nov. 29, 2017...
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    "Morrissey: When Demagoguery Goes Pop" by Armond White - National Review

    An interesting article from the conservative point of view on Morrissey... Published 12/6/17 Morrissey: When Demagoguery Goes Pop - National Review by Armond White The Smiths’ former frontman changes protest music for better — and worse.
  18. madasun

    "Low In High School" official instrumentals

    For all those who have doubted me, abused me and confused me, I'm still willing to share...
  19. davidt

    "Low In High School" drops from #20 to out of the US Billboard 200 chart in second week

    Low In High School is out of the Billboard 200 charts (Dec. 16, 2017) in its second week. Posted by an anonymous person: ...but it's #74 in Billboard's Top Selling Albums this week - https://www.billboard.com/charts/top-album-sales (drop from #11 last week) Obv, this does not include streams...
  20. Famous when dead

    "Jacky's..." (clear) vinyl now arriving at record stores ready for Friday, 8th December

    Regards, FWD. Related item: Jacky's 7" Clear (or white?) Vinyl / t-shirt bundle ltd pre-order (Dec. 22, 2017) - Mporium (US) - Nov. 8, 2017
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