Morrissey album release - Morrissey Central (13th Nov.)

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By Famous when dead on Nov 13, 2018 at 4:06 AM
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    "The Deluxe version of Low In High School is available on 7 December. The double album features new art-work, three previously unreleased studio tracks, five live B-sides, an inner screen print, 12 tracks comprising the original album, plus the latest single "Back On The Chain Gang".

    Morrissey has completed a very successful run of shows in California, and now proceeds to Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Chile, Brazil and Argentina for more high-profile concerts.
    Reports by Fox News and TMZ of Morrissey being attacked on stage at San Diego are entirely false. No such incident occurred."

    The original image is (topically) Corrie related - Doris Speed:



    Edit: The Iron Bridge via Twitter states the background poster used behind Doris on Central is his design and not 'official'.
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Famous when dead, Nov 13, 2018.

    1. ACTON
      Buy both and feel deceived.
    2. Anonymous
      Wasn't a studio version if Kill Uncle released? I vaguely recall a recording... Does anyone have it?
    3. Anonymous
      When I Was Young
      I Was Bully Do Not Forget Me
      The Longer I Live
      Treat Me Like A Human Being
      I Don't Want Us To Finish
      Action Man
      I'm Looking Forward To Going Back
      Heir Apparent

      I'm sure there are more...
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    4. Ryan
      Do you mean there is an alternate version of Heir Apparent from the Maladjusted era?
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    5. Mr. Jackpots
      Mr. Jackpots
      There are probably at least 20 alternate versions of every song every band has ever recorded.
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    6. Ryan
      Probably, but wondering why this one was mentioned specifically among other more obscure ones.
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    7. Anonymous
      A portable record player for your car.
      Watch the speed bumps though.
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    8. Anonymous
      We have Treat Me Like A Human Being and Heir Apparent. Both on YouTube
    9. marred
      That would be something though wouldn't it? Turntables for cars. It wouldn't surprise me to find it on youtube. Here we go...
    10. Oso Blanco
      Oso Blanco
      Home Is A Question Mark (the YATQ version)
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    11. Orson Swells
      Orson Swells
      There was one called I Couldn't Understand Why People Laughed, wasn't there?
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    12. Alexi
      BECE26E2-C056-466F-91FC-5A314A070270.jpeg From Mando’s Instagram
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    13. spineless
      Annie Walker was a funny character. She had airs and graces and would slowly roll her eyes and grimace at the inadequacies of the plebs she had to endure at the Rovers Return. Her husband was a constant disappointment and always brought her down to Earth. I get the impression she may have been a good time girl in her youth who enjoyed a bit of rough and secretly felt comfortable in the company of those below her station. You would have thought her little backstreet pub was the talk of Weatherfield, the way she carried on.
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    14. Peppermint
      Ah, when Corrie was worth watching. Them was the days.
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    15. spineless
      Everything she did was slow motion. Such a delicate flower to be landlady of a pub. When her sensibilities were rocked (which was often), she'd hang onto that bar for dear life, and the camera would zoom in on her face to show the private hell she was going through. Always the same mortified expression as though she was at the first stages of a stroke. Hahaha.
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    16. Peppermint
      You remember a lot, in such detail! There were proper characters in soaps in those days. Nowadays of course they all have to be aged 15 or under and have no discernible personality whatsoever, to appeal to the young folk with no attention span.
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    17. spineless
      All this talk of The Rovers has made me want to find some backstreet dive today!
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    18. Peppermint
      Yes, a proper pub, with Tudor crisps and the smell of ciggies and Harpic and no craft beers whatsoever. And if you ask to see the bar menu you get punched. Take it easy out there, Spiney.
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    19. spineless
      Today's going to be one of my messy dirty days, I think. A day for new lows! A day to get lost in.
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    20. Peppermint
      There was no 'worried' rating, or I would have selected it. Please take care. And definitely no wanking in the Rovers :lbf:

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