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It's 7.30 am, I've been awake for 1,5 hour. Now we're watching Chuggington on telly. I do not want to be awake at this hour. I want to be in my warm cozy bed asleep. And now the 1 year old just managed to bash herself in the head with one of her wellies.

Chuggington, chuggie-chuggie-chuggie-chuggie-chuggie-chuggie Chuggington!
I'm confused.
Do you think Steven Patrick Morrissey does drugs? Like last night? :squiffy:
Look in my rant thread....I have wrote a list of things of WHY MSN 2011 IS SHIT AND TO NEVER DOWNLOAD THE f***ER!!!!!
Morrissey is the most perfect, eloquent, savvy, quick-witted frontman a woman could ask for. Or a man. ;) I sure miss him even though I don't want him to tour until he's completely rested and happy.
I feel like I'm coming down with a cold.
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