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    Morrissey Years Of Refusal Makes List - 150 Worst Albums Made By Men

    The 150 Worst Albums Made By Men 144. Morrissey, Years of Refusal List also includes 79. Radiohead, Kid A It's a good record and not even the "worst" Radiohead. Similarly, Morrissey has worse records than Years of Refusal but maybe the writer hasn't heard them. List has records by The Cure...
  2. conchrisoulis

    Tales of The Smiths vs England is Mine?

    My graphic novel biography Tales of The Smiths was published partly in 2011 as a zine and then circulated online DAILY from 2012-2014 and was showcased on MTV and ComicBookResources. The comic was shared DAILY for 3 years on most Smiths-related sites, like Morrissey-Solo, as well as...
  3. mauve21

    Debts that kill

    Just rang the Centrelink (Australian for social welfare) office to find out that I still owe them $180, which means I can't get a bloody loan for another nine months....... So pissed off. I can barely afford to eat. Looking for a miracle.........grrrr :confused: It's not...
  4. F

    David T & MrThe Edge...Fortbethel says WHATEVER!

    You take the time to say forthebel(fortbethel actually) says Rolling Stone Loves The Smiths but spell my name wrong. Why do you watse your time. I simply call it as it is. Dorrissey has NOT released a good album past Viva Hate! PURE & SIMPLE! Now there have been moments, Maladjusted.. the song...
  5. theneverplayedsymphony

    Why is General Discussion so shit these days!?

    Has anybody noticed how dull it's gotten? I don't even bother with it anymore! Any ideas why it's shit!?
  6. virtually dead

    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    go on....
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