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  • oh okay no worries :) makes sense I guess, see you there + enjoy the gig! peace x
    hi, couldn't help but notice you were after some hawick tickets, although that was some time ago, do you still need them or have you got sorted?
    its a wee bit far for little ol' me.Im staying in ferret n flat cap land for 3 gigs(fingers crossed),but thanks for the offer.I hope you have a ball
    Well I've got a gig with my new band "Drive Blind" in February :p
    Sod Morrissey, I'll take over what he's destoryed! :lbf:
    Is that your cat in your picture? I like Guinea Pigs, I've got two twins girls for Christmas because I lost Speedy last year.
    No, I live in the boarders of England and Wales...but I do live in the North!
    OMG...stood next to Johnny Marr? Was your friend teasing you? I'd crawl away and die if he was standing next to me or I'd say something really stupid like, "Seen much of a Morrissey lately?"
    I gave them to the charity shop where I work lol :)
    Lacking in giving and recieving!?! :(
    I wish I could convince him to tour too, but I cannot be arsed! He can do what he wants and we shall find and publish any lost demos to piss him off further! I would have thought he would have given us something better for Christmas apart from that picture with his sister :D
    Nothing from my friends Morrissey-wise, if anything I've been giving stuff away like the "Malady Lingers On" dvd and a few singles that I just don't need to have in the house as they are on my computer or on youtube! Did you have a good Christmas and New Year? :)
    Hiya, haven't spoke to you in months! How are you? :p
    The Smiths Reunite And Take Over Social Group UPDATE - There has been two new topics posted :)
    Hi! I love London, so much to do. Yeah, that's the one year old some weeks ago before bedtime. How's everything with you?
    Thanks for that rosie (or nightie, if you prefer).
    For the life of me, I could not find C4 tv listings for that week. I think my google was bust!
    Touchwood, my signed 'Bona Drag' should be with me within the next week, so I am antcipatory and poised for some serious buzzin, too! :guitar:
    The last I heard, Linder's three-minute film (!) entitled 'Forgetful Green', which features all the characters from the Cakewalk dancing around a rose field in Colchester the morning after the London performance, will be broadcast by Channel 4 week commencing 11th October. Blink and you'll miss it! Check listings for details!
    Having answered your question, do I get a prize? Like, say, a signed 'Everyday Is Like Sunday' print?!
    Just joking. Congrats again on your good fortune. Nice to know at least one of them made it north of the border.
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