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    YOR vs The Bends vs The Stone Roses vs Aeroplane Over The Sea

    One thing about Morrissey's latest album is that I feel I can almost exist within it. I know that sounds quite peculiar - and it is - but it's a feeling I've had before with a handful of albums. It's engrossing, exciting, touching and of such quality that it really is beginning to define this...
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    Who's on it? @DavidAldana
  3. biru

    Morrissey related things to do when bored.

    I did this. I sang while sick. I was sick with the mighty flu and had no school that day... so I spent my afternoon singing Morrissey songs. What Morrissey related things do you do in utter boredom? please do share!
  4. D

    Question Game

    This one is simple. This one is inspired by the television show Whose Line Is It Anyway? You must reply to the previous post in the form of a question. It must be somewhat relevant. To begin: What are you looking at?
  5. virtually dead

    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    go on....
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