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  • I am so pleased to hear that! That's really great news..:)

    Sorry i keep popping in and out, but i keep falling asleep. It's fun, you should try it..:)
    I do know. Progress is always good, especially if you move forwards..:)

    And it's always to hear that you feel happy. I taste it occasionally, but not enough to swallow.....:) Which is inappropriate correspondence to a beautiful American lady.

    I am feeling better. generally these days. Is everything well with you health wise?
    I am doing pretty good. Just finished a Support Work Course and i have been working as well.

    It's been ages since i have been around. Are you feeling happy and stuff?
    sorry, i didn't reply on the "whatever thinking" thread....I am doing okay. too much time on my hands. That is why i am logged on here :D
    what ever it is, i hope it is my dear :) bit dull on this forum really...i saw your username pop up and thought "Oh someone i like!" i'll say hello. The photo, it was my friends it was special. I saw this big fancy chair and old phone and told him to take my picture. This was after a few vodka martinis,so i needed to sit down:p

    not bad in blaze mansions i must say.
    Have i missed your birthday? When was it and how does it feel to be 21 again? My jokes have got worse if anything!

    How are you doing these days? Things are going rather well for me...:)
    Well, Leith which is full of things that can stimulate you but it's not very stimulating itself...:) I am just talking nonesense now...:)

    Okay then. I'll reply monday or tuesday. It's good that i have been able to catch you.

    Your lips....."Oh My"...:)

    Hey Jen. I have moved to Edinburgh now and share a flat with a mate, so things are much better...:)

    How are you? I hope everything is going well for you?
    Glad to hear it. When you're a famous writer it will be even harder to get your attention. Just remember not to ignore the people who annoyed you along the way. I will expect a day at the pool, PLUS drinks, the good news is, i WILL wear shorts..:)

    It sounds like things are going well for you. I am pleased and i usually find it difficult to be happy for!

    I am okay. You read the Bard and thought of me? That's really touching...:)

    BTW i would crawl a million miles over broken glass just to put some lipstick on your beautiful lips. (Not a dog lipstick mind! Or my lipstick....GOD, this was supposed to be a!)

    I hope you are well and doing
    oh thats a shame. It would seem that in the past they used real illustrators, the same with movie posters, you can see such wonderful stuff. Photoshop and freehand has made covers etc seem very bland.
    I want too...i need to stick my head in books more.
    Hello, well i watch the end of season 2 last night of Mad men...whoa lots going on there. All very engaging story lines, i also really like the historical....i don't know what to call it :o parts in the shows narratives like Cuban missile crisis and Monroe's death. I like the men's ties, slim ties are coming back into fashion. I have a few, like the knitted or woven ties. Generally, i love the clothes in the show, i wish i could dress like that everyday. :)

    oh i didn't say, how much I liked in your post yesterday the book was fanstatic. I have a few James Bond paperback books from the 60s and a copy of The Talented Mr Ripley, with very 'pulp fiction' depictions of the characters on the covers. great stuff :)
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