1. mauve21

    Lifeguard sleeping, girl drowning?

    Just been thinking about that song. Is it slightly derogatory (about women) or do we think he had a particular situation in mind when he wrote it. I wonder if he read a news article or was watching a BBC drama that inspired him? It's so melancholy that line " Please don't worry, there'll...
  2. M

    Years of Refusal is utterly brilliant

    Ok, so I've yet to actually hear it but I'm just trying to counter the bad vibes!
  3. Stanley Ogden

    Good books abour Morrissey

    I have just read Rogans "The Severed Allianance" which I liked a lot. Has there been written any good books about Morrissey that focuses on his life and his career after the split?
  4. virtually dead

    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    go on....
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