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  • Do you want to build a snowman........?
    We can make it look like Noel Gallagher.
    Meet me at the muster station...
    10 quid suprise tshirt was luvurly. Meat is Murder Morrissey.
    Sure a Mint Imperial shot from the drum area towards front of the stage. Sure M looking at it. Could've been an orb??
    Hello all. Listened to Bonfire of teenagers, dreadful screaming girl ruined it. Where is the album?Not even bothered that I am seeing Morrissey this month. I said goodbye to my beloved Lola, Jack Russell on the 4th and nothing seems the same any more. 3 weeks in to my CBT.
    Stay well.
    Girlfriend in a coma now, that's not Morrissey singing. Sounds like Paul Heaton?Mind you been many a year since I've listened to a Smiths album.
    A dreaded sunny I am stuck inside watching Bumlebee.Bigmouth comes on and it sounds like Morrissey singing but it doesn't sound quite right. Anyone know if it is or not?
    I'm remembering a time when.....the first time I played Pokemon Go and I fell off the tiniest of kerbs and broke my foot.
    Hello. Last night I dreamt that.....
    Harry Styles loved me......I don't even fancy him, at all. He loved me even more when a member of the Kast of Kinks ended up being my Dad. Think it was Suggs saying he was going down the Old Kent Road .There's loads of good antique shops there. I've no clue if there is.
    I love my bed 🛌 😌 😴
    Nite Nite
    Dealing with my Mount Everest pile of ironing. Watching a Las Vegas 2021 concert. Erm, Morrissey?why do we never get to see you like that..I wouldn't be wasting time recording it on my phone. Residency for UK venues please. Size of the bouncers though. Cripes. Jack the ripper on. Love it. Sang it at Leeds in ...2018. You are spoilt you lot in Las Vegas.
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