New Morrissey Album - Fiona Dodwell

Not sure if i'm reading too much into this tweet or if we can even trust this... (but judging by her airtime on Central - perhaps?)

Translation - "I read it on that site Mr Moz doesn't like me looking at, and now I'm presenting the news to you as if I'm the insider, though I haven't heard any of it, only what I read on Solo, so here's my non-committal appraisal that makes it look like I know something that I don't"

Poor skinny, he is not taking being the last to know about the great new hot chili pepper/iggy pop moz album very well:lbf:
fiona one upped him:)
maybe 'nerak' can come on here and make 4ooo posts rehabilitating his 'expertise':lbf:
God, so many new songs to make their live debut! Exciting.
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