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  • I sent you a text this morning. I got credit for the phone, which is quite advanced for me...:) How are you these days?
    Oh hun. Why didn't you go? Couldn't you face it?

    You should listen to the Manics hun, i think you would get something out of it. The new album is sensational and i know it would make your life better just hearing it. it won't save your life or anything, but you have me and the samaritans for that...lol!#

    I have finally joined the library in leith, so i should be in contact more regularly, though you do owe me a text message you ungrateful little minx..lol!

    I hope you are well Lucy?

    love, Ally...xxxx
    Please let him do another Scottish date. The Picture House is a great venue and it's standing. Glsagow would be handier but anywhere north of the border would be perfect.
    I managed to get one from a Soloer called Scott for face value. It arrived this morning. Are you doing Leeds and Sheffield too. I'm dying to know what else he will add between Salisbury and Liverpool.
    Sounds eventful if nothing else...:) My message read, ALLY 1995. Not really that noticeable so i wouldn't blame you if your missed it.

    I HATE these security guys at i feel angry when i read about what they did to you..:( There's just no need for it! The guy sounds like a right prick. It's pretty shocking to me that concert goers get treated like that there should be a riot over this.

    Honey you really should listen to it. You wouldn't even do that for me? Why do you want to make me sad...:) I can't force you or anything..:)

    I am still alive and absolutely consumed by the Manics album. I am such a slut when it comes to such things..:)

    I hope you are doing well my dear?

    Love, Ally...xxx
    Hi Lucy! Are you home or still with Moz? I feel so bad that the gigs got canceled. So many friends are over there now and I can only imagine the disappointment. Are your aches and pains healing? I am still bruised from the Friday gig? That was so awful. Sorry your Saturday was like my Friday. I stayed to the back middle on Saturday. It was so wonderful to share the experience with you! Hope you are well!- Love, Laura : )
    Hey you..:) How did the gigs go? Sorry i haven't been around lately but things have been a hectic which i am dealing with in my usual drama queen style...:) Consider the damage to your cardigan as battle scars. It'll hold nice memories for you every time you look at it.

    How are things going with you? Buy that new manics album, it's incredible...!!!

    I will have to use a slipper on you!

    I hope you are doing fine?

    Try and get a cuddle like me...!!! It was a great moment. He wouldn't be able to lift me now though, i have put on a stone and a half in the last few months...:) *sings* "Who ate all the pies, who ate all the pies, you fat bastard, you fat bastard, Who ate all the pies". It's a delightful little tune..lol!

    The barras is always best. I'm really sorry i missed it though. You need to get the Manics album though. How can you defy me like this? You will go over my knee for THIS...lol!

    Just try your best.,..and don't worry..:)
    Well, you held his hand. That's something? Some of us are not even close enlough to touch his hand!...:) Have you had a good time at the gigs then? Stupid question i know...lol!

    Are you not prepared for the exam then? Naughty woman!!! Just tell them that you've had to see Morrissey all this time and they'll probably understand..lol! Just try your best.

    You need to get the new Manics Album. I can't wait!!!! It's not often i get THIS excited about an album.

    I am doing fine hun. I hope you are fine too?

    Love, Ally...xxxx
    I did enjoy it, very much so. Bob's friend managed to get me a free ticket for the Friday so that was fantastic. What date did you prefer? :)
    oh well if i wasnt good enough to be answered the first time ... no i was actually too busy today with all the RAH stuff

    so did you go to liverpool ???
    Yep, I saw you dangling over the barrier getting your handshake. I didn't know who to watch, you or Jenna, who was battling it out with the bouncer on the other side of me. Good times!!
    Honey sorry for taking so long to reply. And you are spot on about my memory problems..:) A little cheeky and slightly devastating but accurate all the same...:)

    How are things going at college? Are you still a bit behind?

    He sounds brilliant these days and i picked a dreadfull time to miss him which is just typical. Just take it easy and go mad, which sounds like a contradiction but it isn't when it comes to a Morrissey gig.

    BTW the Manics are on Jools Holland tonight at 11:35pm on BBC2. You should watch it! They sound amazing..:)

    I hope you are well hun? And sorry about not replying, AGAIN!!!

    Love, Ally..xxxxx
    We actually weren't queuing very early, only for about half an hour, but once we got in we ran as fast as our little legs could! The venue was the smallest I have ever been in. :thumb: How was last night?? I am suffering from terrible Morrissey-withdrawal. :tears: xo
    Oh and good luck with getting your letter to him, I'm sure you'll succeed! ;)
    Exactly; it's a glorious, artistic mess!! :thumb:
    Now the important stuff-Omagh was wonderful! My non-Moz fan friend kindly came with me, and surprised herself at how much she enjoyed it, inspite of 'all the sweaty men', to quote. :o We against the barrier in the centre, although I wish we had been to the left because it seemed alot more people got handshakes over there. I did shake hands with Boz at the end. Ah, what more can I say?! It was Morrissey, he looked wonderful, 'I Keep Mine Hidden' and 'The Loop' were my highlights. ;) Bad bit when he turned away and someone in the crowd threw something small(not sure what) + hit him on the back of the head. He rubbed his head and looked down at whatever it was and then looked into the crowd frowning, he was not best pleased naturally! Now it's pretty much killing me that I am not going to any more shows this tour, I would happily lose both of my legs to be in Belfast tonight. :tears: Next time, next time...
    Enjoy yours and fill me in! xo
    Likewise, and I'm sure you enjoyed Maximo Park! They are playing at Oxegen this year I believe, so I will hopefully see them there. ;)
    Yes I'm pretty excited about moving, but I need to find a nice flat first! I need to find flatmates to won't mind wading through canvases and paintings everyday :p
    Ah, Morrissey, just three days away, I'm so excited. I don't want to look at the Killarney setlist tonight but I have no willpower at the best of times. :o
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