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  • hawt! how much older is he? I had a crush on one of my teachers but have found today that he has a girlfriend. : ( so lame! I knew it wasn't going to happen but I still liked some hope, y'know? :p
    Hello Pops. Thanks for the friend request. Thou shall be my Twelth Apostle.:)

    PS/ Seeing as you're Irish, may I just add, this doesn't come with free beer.:straightface:
    :lbf: I heard about that scandal alright - the guy who handed them out wasn't even going to come clean.

    Glad to hear they're going well anyway. And sorry about the double-post - first I accidently pressed 'Enter' on the keyboard and something happened but I didn't think it sent than I added more text and I clicked 'Post Message'. I didn't realise I sent two until I went into 'Sent Messages'.

    I was also 10 minutes late posting. I saw the Green Star Icon one minute and when I posted you were Offline. :o
    I was waiting since 9 am:p.
    It was great, i got his shirt and tried to get on stage but i was grabbed:(. I'm all black and blue.
    I trie din Dundee but i couldn't get his atteniotn i'll try again tomorrow.
    It's always the best mess. Ah thats wonderful she has have changed ger views on Moz. You got the front wonderful, when did you start to queue?Glad you have a great time. Next time, yes! I said that to myself on the last tour so hopefully you'll be in myshoes the next time :D! I wonderful what it was I 'm going to give him a letter somewhere on the tour, i hope he likes it more than the thing that hit his head!
    My first one is tomorrow, i'm nervous, i feel like i have been waiting half my life for tomorrow to come, half a year is a long time to be fair!
    Speak soon:).
    Yeah they are at T so i'll see them there:). They are great live, the lead singer started singing to me in Dublin :D.
    I'm hoping to move into the city centre before i go back to college. If i could i would share a flat with you, the mess sounds wonderful!
    Enjoy Morrissey tomorrow:D!!!!
    I looked even though i tried not to, i really shouldn't come here again this weekend:p.
    I had a great time, i went to see Maximo park :D.
    Oh exciting your moving!
    Oh i hope your tooth has stopped causing you pain.
    Enjoy Morrissey- but do i really need to say that:p.
    I wish there was a Dublin date as well. I was in Dublin a few weeks ago:). He will tour again at the end of the year so hopefully i'll see you in Dublin in winter;).
    My last one is in the middle of June which does feel like ages away:(. I've sort of given up as i am not going to uni and i don't need the grades now so i'm just trying to get them out of the way.
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