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  • What departure time were you thinking for the bus? If it's early enough I'll be for two places. If you're doing one to Dunfermline that is.
    I told you, it's my mum's 50th that night. Can't miss her party to go to Dunoon even if it was my first choice.
    I'm only going to Dunfermline and would probably be going EARLY doors to queue. If you're doing a bus I'd be interested in a return seat. Not sure if I'll need two or just one yet though.
    Hey! Thanks for the link, I was not aware of that; will be sure to check that night out.
    Are you coping with the weather ok?
    I was doing Leeds, Sheffield, Salisbury and Liverpool but I don't even care anymore. Just hope he is ok. I'm smoking like it's going out of fashion.
    No, just spoke to Lottie who was at the gig. He did walk off the stage with help so hopefully it's not too serious. Got a fright when she saw the stretcher getting taken back but apperently he went out with a blanket around him. She is with Lucy too. Absolutely devasted.
    I've asked you no less than 3 times to try to track it, and got no response if you did. YOU have the tracking numbers, I cannot do it. Ive even asked you for them to try to track it myself, but you refused.

    So, that leads me to believe that you never sent it. I hope Im wrong, but if i sent something to you or anyone else, and it didnt can best bet I'd be on the horn to the PO and ream them out, and find out if it's been lost, or whatever?

    You think this is my first dance? I belong to a tape trading board.......Have been trading for 5 years now. You know how many packages have been lost that Ive sent to people all around the world?

    2 and BOTH were found later. Not my fault(nor yours) if I dont receive it.

    Shame we couldnt make the trade, as that cd is ready to go, and I was really looking forward to the SISMK stuff.

    If you track it, and find it, LMK>
    Jealous. Would have loved to see seen them but I am so bloody skint just now. You should do some more of your magic free ticket tricks.
    We love them :D

    What was the set list like?
    I don't really use it anymore, so I deleted everyone from my friends list, except for the bands. :D
    hey man - thanks for the texts at the weekends - phone battery had gave up the ghost so didn't get them till today.

    Lake District was amaze. Gutted to be back to work already. And big thanks for securing the S&G tix for us - wasn't there long - J had hit a wall of tiredness that was just too much - but what we saw when there was great.

    Hope you and Jen had a great time

    Well it's done now! :p
    It was on Friday - Sunday at the SLC, a series of photographs exploring Morrissey's relationship with his fans through his lyrics.
    If you Pm Claire (her username is Claire or Claire Biddles) she'll be able to show you some of the features pictures, if you're interested
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