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  • that is common,.. i meanthat a lot of students goes off, changing subjects ,skip to working.
    cause it dindt seem to be working out like they thought studying would be, or its too dry, ot studying is too costly etc..
    some of these reaons prob,eh?
    dont let your head hang down cause off this..you wil be finding your way ..youve got your life ahead of you , kid;)
    well bob doesnt seems to go to inverness , no...but i can be wrong
    i think train is a good option.6 hours from inverness too gourock, 20 minutes with ferry
    ..bus would take longer surely
    .i did plan to,,, but he seems to be not driving from inverness to dunoon so no.
    but im sharing a tent with someone from who camps there...tht shall be fun.
    so you stopped being a student or ist just work inbetween?
    hi!havent seen you around for a whille..how is university going?properly exited about the scottish dates... ..who would have thought i would catch a ferry to see mozzer in such remote places.
    it will be quite a trip from inverness down to dunoon...
    Sweetie (or is it Hoolie), shame we didn't meet on Friday (Strangeways).... or perhaps we did... this forum stuff is after all very cloak and dagger.
    I hope you enjoyed yourself?

    Not yet, it's actually pretty crap. Moz dissapears in about 2 seconds. All you can here is us all talking. ;) I can youtube it if you like.
    Hello sweetandtender - I think I may have spoken to you before - I'm Johnny who did the DJ nights at the Cameo Cinema.

    I noticed you've got a picture from Barrowlands on Friday May 8th this year on your avatar - I just wondered if you managed to get many other photos as I managed to get on stage that night during the encore and have been loking for pictures of this!

    I'm still confident that something'll turn up and would love to know if you can help.

    Thanks in advance and well done for getting his hand!

    Good job on the handshake, lets hope there's more from Moz. I'm flying from Prestwick, it's only 45 mins drive from here. I'm staying at the Portobello Hotel. It's not too far from the venue and was 90 euro for 2 nights with brekkie. Can't wait !!!
    Well done girlie. :) Leeds is my first so I still have a week to go. Do you have a decent seat for Birmingham? I expect to see you and Jenna on the stage at RAH !! Are you flying with Ryanair, we might be on the same flight.
    You're besoted woman!!! 10 times?

    Not bad i suppose, so it means that you've seen him more in a few years than i have seen him in 25 years...lol!

    I am doing well hun. can't complain.
    I know, I think Solomom or was it Matt, who said the Barras gigs were his best of the tour. 9th would have been too close to the French gig, what with having to travel and stuff. Never mind maybe in the New Year.
    That entire Lp is mega great. I can listen to it as a whole. SOmetimes you get an Lp and you only like 4 of the songs. Not this one. Im glad I got to see Gene play their last L.A. gig ever.
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