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  • Wow! Hell stranger!
    I'm still right here.....lovely to hear from you.
    Do tell more. I hope EDINBURGH (Whoo! Great place...lived there for 6 months) is treating you well?
    ZZ x
    KILTIE!! So nice to hear from you! :) I'm still on Solo every so often, tho not too much going on w/Moz lately. I don't post too much, but I still read it on occasion. Solo's a hard habit to break. :squiffy: Glad to hear you've moved and settled. Things are status quo in Chicago. I can't complain. Well, I could but, I think there's a character limit. ;) Thx for the note, be well!
    Well, hey stranger! Nice surprise hearing from you, esp amongst all this Mozzer collapsing business. :(
    Me & the fam are doing alright, all things considered! How are you!??
    Hey Kilty. It has been a long time since I've spoken to you, and really you should be the one writing back to me, but I'll excuse this because it's you. :p
    Currently I am sad for many reasons, one of which being that Belarus lost the football match against England, another of which being that my arm hurst if I raise it. :(
    It's my friend's birthday on Friday, so I'm probably going to t' park with her afterschool for a bit. I might as well, since I spent about 40 minutes at a bus stop waiting for a bus that's supposed to run every 12 minutes and ended up getting one which runs every hour last time I got the bus home.
    Have you settled into your new home yet? I hope you have and that you haven't been evicted yet. :p
    If I fall asleep before my sons do, they'll sneak out and try to ride their bikes down to the corner store for ice cream - or they'll just set fire to something. They're off to bed in 15, then I will read and write for school.
    How are you these days?
    Life is ok although my heart has taken a horid strain as i have just found out that Morrissey isn't coming back to Scotland this year! I'm seeing him 10 times on the tour but that's not the point!
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