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  • oh yeah i forgot about yer old mum , I'm sure you will have a good night none the less
    Hey do you know the second Strangeways is on in June the 18th ? It's nearly sold out but I realised I forgot to tell you x
    well its my night so i think you should come along plenty of the regulars from here are , we only have 40 tickets left
    Ha ha, they should have just left me up there i think, It seemed like ages before they noticed me :p. The fact he put his arm around me is enough to keep me happy for a lifetime.
    how are you after your collapsing banter ... i hope your up for a few half shandys in manchester
    i will be meeting some friiends before then if you care to join us

    frly be are doing flights for 1.89 and we are staying at the travel inn at the gmex if its any help so are so others from here

    feel free to join us
    how did you get on ? we done shite , i got 2 for the 22nd my mate got me 2 for the 23 and we manged to get two seats at the RAH in oposite ends of the venue from the box office

    i will send you my mobile number
    i went to a funeral on the friday and spent all day out .. 11 till 11 , saw loads of old friends and get sooooo drunk

    so fast forward to the saturday and me at te winter garden on glasgow green begging the barmaid to give me a drink at 4.30 and her inststance that the bar didnt open till 5 , so i had to mention i was the groom and i needed it for courage and not as a hair of the dog , so she gave me a drink then said "haud on your no wearn a kilt " , at which point i tipped her a wink and tipped her heavy later on .... much to the discust of the actual mrs Vivabob who was none too impressed
    did you like hawai , its amazing isnt it .. did it rain on your wedding day i think it was the same day as my mates ... i have tales to tell about that day
    im at a funeral tommorow so will no doubt be blootered ... so good luck for saturday hope you have fun in wakiki all the best to the new mrs chivas too
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