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  • Ah wonderful! I would love to have a chat with Martin.
    I was too young to even have heard of Gene when they were around. I hope they reform and i'll get to see them one day... and meet Martin.
    Drawn to the deep end is possibley my faviourite Gene song.
    Man, I was too young and in love in the early/mid/ heck all of the 90s, that I missed out on going to gigs. I bought the albums, magazine of all my fave britpop bands back then but, just never got my head round to going to gigs. I was young, broke having a "disfunctional" relationship...back was heaven. Good thing I cought Gene on their last LA gig ever, got to meet the band, and have them sign their 1st ever Melody Maker or is it NME cover they ever graced. Had a good chat with Martin and Matt...really REALLY wish now Id of brought my camera. Drawn To The Deep End is also quite good, IMO.
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