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  • Oh really, did you have a good time? It's a bit miserable and wet here at the moment :( I'm moving to Dublin in September for college so a Morrissey gig at the end of the year would suit me just fine, please and thank you! :D Oh, not long now...
    Anyway, I hope you are well! I have a tooth coming up, for some bizarre reason (I thought that should have ended years ago!) so I'm feeling a bit sensitive at the minute. :mad:
    July is a while away but it will fly in. 10 shows!!! You lucky little....thing..:) Just make sure to eat before a gig and make sure you drink plenty of fluids. I know i sound like your uncle now...lol!

    I picked the wrong time to miss Moz. He's never sounded better...:(
    Well, it comes to us all. I am having memory problems as well but i am choosing to ignore tham...:) Memory problems that you remember. how twisted is THAT!!!...:)

    Try and stick in honey, though i know it's hard. How is the work going, are you quite far behind and stuff? Try not to panic though hun, because you still have youth on your side and you have your whole life to learn.

    The sun has been amazing. Though i haven't went mad with it. Not having a garden helps. But us pale-peeps have to be careful in this weather, as you will know. Glad to hear the fainting has stopped maybe you've cracked it. Make sure you eat before gigs and keep the fluids up.

    I miss them too, but you sound more optimistic this time so that's a relief..:)

    Love, Ally..xxx
    No need for ':o', I am terribly jealous! :p But I have promised myself that I will see him alot more next time, because I will have all my exams and school etc finished. I really want a Dublin date this year too! But Omagh will have to do for the minute. ;)
    When are your exams finished? Mine are not over til the end of June, which right now feels about twelve years away. :(
    Hmm confusion... I can't even remember slippers? (i know it's probably my age..:))

    When is T in the park hun? and when is the Morrissey gig? I have you seen Maximo Park live yet? It has been a while since we spoke so you have left me baffled...:)

    You have been skipping college? Do you think that is wise, though i admit that it's very tempting and i did it myself more than a few times, and it's fun for a while..:) Are you still working?

    Just eat properly before you go to moz and drink plenty of liquids, as well as alcohol obviously..:) I hope you are well hun, it seems like ages since we last spoke.

    I hope you are well?

    Love, Ally...xxx
    I know, less than two weeks, I can't wait! How many shows will you be seeing, lucky thing? :D I was away all weekend and I've come online to all this drama about Coachella and Oakland so I'm a little confused at the minute.
    Oh I'm sorry to hear that, what are your plans now? :( Que sera sera, I hope it works out for you.
    And art college, yes I did, I got my letter a few weeks ago Probably the high point of my life! But I've got lots of exams coming up still, so life is pretty mundane for now, sitting waiting around for Morrissey. :)
    yes i am aware of his life and times ....

    and its a good thing you dont live there mind you if you did i would probably see you about the same amount of times in a year lol
    so yes i have been very low key and very low profile , i have avoided this who internet life in favour of getting out and about ... and other things

    work has been very demanding too , you seem to have been very busy .. i hope your well , not long till morrissey plays in a town near you
    Hello, it's been a long time so I thought I'd drop by to say how are you? ;) My friend is going to university in Edinburgh in September! She got her acceptance letter to do photography the other day. :) xoxo
    That's good to know...:) And massive LOL's for 'it's a start. Classic comedy line, brilliantly used..:)

    What am i on about dear? which part. If you are confused too this communication thing ain't gonna work..lol! I don't make much sense at times, even i have to admit that.

    Who is dear Paul? I assume you meant sang and not snag, because if he gave you a sausage, i would be questioning your morals..lol!

    Yay. Two weeks since a faint. That's good news. How is college going my dear?

    Write soon.

    Love, Ally...xxx
    it should be behind me, and i suspect that i have neglected Neverplayed as well. Tell him i am sorry and tell him not to hate me because it may be the onset of early dementia..:) No i am sorry. It's getting embarrassing now.

    You don't have to be unkind about Duran petal. Especially since i know you want to be kind. I know there is a flower of kindness and optimism waiting to bloom. Let it happen...lol!

    You can have a drink. And how long is it since you last fainted?

    Love, Ally..xxxx
    hope all is well..
    btw youre a buzzcocks fan arent you?
    have you been to their r live shows this year?
    they sold a bag (and badges)with that linder design"orgasm addict "
    have ypu you got one?
    have a nice sunday, lucy!
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