• Hi Laura!! How are you? I have been meaning to write to you. Are you going to the Irvine shows? I will be in Los Angeles very soon! I'm going to visit my friend who works for your friend Jim! How about that. :) I hope that you are having a good summer.
    Hi Diane!! How are you?? I am going to the Friday Irvine show, the Reno show, and hopefully I can get tickets for the Santa Barbara show! When will you be here? It would be wonderful to catch up!! I hope you have been doing well! I started teaching kindergarten today and am exhausted! Talk soon!
    Love, Laura
    So glad that you enjoyed the show! I read that the floor was rough, violent and there were fights and punching! Hope that you are okay!
    I think that the set list is fantastic and Speedway is definitely a favorite of mine, too! Are you going to any other shows?
    Hi Laura, How are you? I was thinking of you too when Mell said that she was talking to you!! :) Hope that you enjoyed Moz. I'm seeing him in Denver next weekend and a few others scattered around...let me know how the LA show was! - Diane
    Hi Laura! How are you? We haven't spoken in ages!! :( I hope you will be able to make it to see Mozzer in San Diego. I am still not sure if I will come...depends if there will be other shows added or not. How is school going for you? Hope all is well!! - Diane
    Hi Laura, How are you? I miss talking to you! Are you going to any shows this tour? I am going to Texas & Santa Fe. Hope all is well. - Love, Diane
    Hi Laura, Happy Mozzer Day to you! I hope he had a wonderful b'day....with lots of pressies. How are you? Scotland shows are starting June 15 in Perth. I am doing four. Hopefully he comes to the US in the Fall!! Take care, Diane x
    Hi Laura! I just bought 2 tix each for 3 of the shows in Scotland. Also don't know if I'll be able to go, really depends on my passport situation. But, seriously, let me know if you want to go! It would be mid-late June...
    Hi Laura, I am well thanks, very busy! How about you? I'm going to Scotland. Can't wait to see him again!
    Hi Laura, I'm sorry to hear you had shingles. :{ I hope you are not in too much pain. I also want fall to come. I don't like the heat as it drags me down terribly. The Barbie convention sounded like fun! I used to collect Dawn Dolls and still have some!! I am hoping for a Moz tour in 2011, as I already have my plane ticket! I am ready to go! Hope to come out to LA again and see you!! Take care and have a good school year. Love , Diane
    Hi Laura,
    How are you? How is your summer going? It's been very hot here and we desperately need rain. Was looking at a few pix from Manchester and thought of you! - Diane x
    Hi Laura, Thanks, happy anniversary to us meeting for the first time as well!! I'm sure I was wandering around aimlessly, too. Are you doing anything tomorrow? I'm going to see the Sons & Heirs (tribute band) in NYC. Have a happy Moz b'day. - how is the condo? Are things shaping up yet? I hope to see you one day soon! - Diane xo
    hey! sorry i dont really come on here anymore. i was just thinking about being over there last year! wish i was again. hope all is well! -shawn
    Hi Laura, I hope by now the damage for you is repaired. How are you? I hope you are able to settle back into your place soon. I'm preparing for a bathroom re-model soon. We are thinking about Rome & Barcelona, two places that neither of us has been to. Yes, I can't believe that Manchester was one year ago, where did the time go? - Love, D
    Hey Laura,
    Wow...that sucks about your house! At least you have somewhere to stay, that must relieve a little bit of the stress. Things w/the boy are still good. We have our "moments" but he's nice and treats me well. He had a job lead in Philly, but that fell through, so he's still stuck here for now. We will see how it goes. Of course, I would love for him to stay here for a long time, but I want him to be happy too. :) Hope you're well! I still need to send you those John Corbett pics...doh!!! talk to you soon, xox mell
    Hi Laura, How are things going with your place - is the damage repaired? I hope all is taken care of & that you are well. I am not sure where yet in Europe - we are still debating and not agreeing! - D
    Hey Laura! How are you? Sorry it's taken me so long to respond--I literally have not logged into my messages in forever! Things are going okay...dating a new guy & things are going okay. He's quite great, but unemployed like everyone else in this town! Needless to say, he's a bit stressed and unhappy. It's getting to the point that if anything opens up anywhere, he will have to move for the job. *sigh* Other than that, things are the same as usual. :p Hope you are well! What's new??? xox m
    Hey Laura, I'm so sorry to hear about the water mess at your place. Water is a terrible destroyer. I've had my share and I'm still dealing, so trust me I know what it's like. Was it from a rain storm? I'm well, just bored from the winter and missing Morrissey. :0( I am planning a trip to Europe for October since the Pound and Euro are so strong. Take care and let me know how things are going. Love, Diane
    Hi Laura, How are you? How are things going? I hope you are well. Thanks again for the call when I was in California. It was nice to talk, if just for a short time. Maybe we will meet again in the future. - D
    Hey Laura, Sorry it didn't work out for us to meet in Indio! I was so looking forward to seeing you again. You must keep that Oscar Wilde doll and bring him to the East Coast should we be so lucky and blessed with more Moz! - keep in touch. - Diane
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