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  • are you hoping for an early death ... lol

    im going to spain so can only make liverpool and ally and to be honest i couldnt care less if he cancels ,same as you healths health
    i sent lucy a message but not heard anything yet , thats awful but i think he will be ok , dont hold up hope for the next week of shows
    I didn't get a ticket for Brum sadly:(.
    I am pretty happy with what i've got though:).
    I expect we shall, i was there last week for Maximo and i got a handshake from Paul so i'm sure i'll do fine with Moz:D.
    I fly out on the 22nd from Edinburgh. Just need to find somewhere to stay.
    Yeah i remeber reading that on his blog. Morrissey clears likes Scotland i think he just couldn't fit a date in, He must have wanted The Royal concert hall but that's booked for almost all of November witht he exception of the 9th and as you said it's just too close to the French dates.
    I think he should do a 6 date Scottish tour in Feb:).
    Yeah i just seen that now, :(.
    I heard the 9th was meant to be the Royal Concert hall but that's not true. It doesn't make any sense though, I don't think he has ever left Scotland out on a tour before. And it's not as if he didn't get a good reception at the gigs in May.
    Yeah i need to wait until i get a refund frome bay befor ei get my flights.
    Yeah the Picture House would be great but i fear it's just too small:(. I think the Usher hall just up the road is more realistic.
    I am demtermined it will be Edinburgh this time!!He's only played here 3 times in his solo carreer that's one more than Stirling!
    Hi Elizabeth. In the end, I got tickets for RAH rescheduled date, at face value! Are you going? Same week as my birthday and i aint working.
    Lasted 45 mins at the after show party ha ha. Was exhausted! Felt really ill next, and without alcohol lol. Anyway, hope ya well and see you sometime soon xx
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