Morrissey Central "RW" (January 31, 2024)

Via CJ's IG story.

Robbie Williams in Morrissey shirt.

Casa-posted link now a Central post via mozhug25:

Always thought he was a bit of dickhead until I watched the Netflix documentary on him, it was fascinating to hear him talk about his personal challenges and nice to see him appreciating he had made mistakes.
I’ve watched his interviews over the years and he’s always appeared quite self effacing, unusually perceptive and very very funny. His handjob story that he told on Graham Norton is hands down the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on a chat show couch and his comic delivery is world class.
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Moz duetting with Rabie Williams is the same as him duetting with Rick Ghastly. WHY would you want a self-made artistic genius to sing with manufactured bobble heads?
Robbie and Rick. Two blokes more than willing to take the piss out of themselves. Unlike some other artists we know....
No way, he doesn't looks like M. The real charming man is beautiful, this one is a kind of clown
I return to this site rather pointlessly again and again hoping against hope to see a release date for the two albums worth of new music that get less new with each passing day-week-month and year. All I get on here is pointless garbage. IANADOAC was absolutely brilliant, the best thing he's done in a long while. That was FOUR years ago. Tick tock tick tock- f*#k sake if you are too "unwell" to tour then RELEASE SOME NEW MUSIC.
nice to know that hes still a fan and hasnt deserted M unlike so many others in the last few years,he doesnt need to seperate the art from the artist,dont think he takes himself too seriously these days.
The raging narcissism rages on
He becomes even less sympathetic with every post, even as he is convalescing, which is likely a total lie
The story is funny though and Robbie has aged a million times better, he looks a lot better than Morrissey did at 50, I saw him when he was about 48
Saw him live in Germany in an Arena, he said to the audience, mostly screaming girls, "listen, ive been singing to you for an hour and nobody's got their tits out." Next minute was a joy to behold, cheers Robbie
Imagine the outrage, the abuse if it was Marr who incessantly posted these inane and narcissistic things.
Wish they had duetted. Great guy.
I'm not a fan myself, but Morrissey must have been kicking himself that they didn't do 'Let Me Kiss You' - at the time, with their respective fanbases and both riding high in public opinion, it would have been his best chance ever for a Number 1 single in the UK.

Still, maybe he can buy back 'Bonfire' and replace Miley's backing vocals with Robbie? That would surely get some record labels interested? :unsure:
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