Morrissey Central "MORRISSEY DOING NOTHING 12 JANUARY 2024, PARIS" (January 14, 2024)

Fairly sure that’s a pen, not a vape.




photographs by Rudolph Vaselino.

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Musee du Luxembourg? Not too far from Notre Dame, then... (just saying ;)). I'm visiting Paris in a few weeks time. Moz, so... DON'T MOVE!!! :thumb:
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Innocents being shelled in various countries, genocide recurring in Sudan.......and here we are having a debate about what Morrissey is holding in his hand, or what he's wearing. I despair.
Maybe time to call it a day, eh Moz? Such a preening fool; his vanity is such that he actually thinks people want to see such garbage. Let's be honest, he has been in steep decline for many years now. I knew the game was up when he made his band wear We Hate William And Kate t-shirts. Podgy, over-fed middle-aged blokes embarrassing themselves on the world's stage at the behest of their multi-millionaire paymaster. I genuinely knew back then that things could only get worse.
And, indeed they have.
I think it's time for you to find a different hobby, Leroy Brown.
"some of those ultra negative anonymous posters" - f..k, that doesn't really narrow it down much, does it!?

That's beside the many addicted ultra negative non-anonymous posters

Exactly. Any other artist posts a photo from another country and everyone is "ooh" and "aah isnt that lovely!". Moz does it and the barbed bumwit bandits bellow bubonic bile.
And then everything turned round somehow, and the hateful online creche could be observed at play in the fields of the Lord!

So true. Looking really sharp. Love those jeans. Smooth operator.
Too bad dinks with no taste also lack the sense to hide their sad pettiness.

RIP Hinc.
the pen is mightier than the vape.
is there another singer on the planet who comes under as much scrutiny,songs,lyrics,style,politics.
answers on a postcard.
He should do nothing more often!
Let's hope he doesn't catch a cold walking around in the cold weather or sprain his ankle. So many dangers that would lead him to do what he likes most, which is to cancel gigs.
This is such a slap in the face of audiences in southeast Asia, Perth and Auckland. For all those who ever wondered whether it was a health issue that led to last minute cancellations, there is the man, out and about, doing nothing in Paris, looking alright.

Let's see how many dates in 2024 will be honoured. The YATQ concerts are absurd enough, but at least so far there doesn't seem there will be any nonsense excuse like in Mexico.
I’ve had a lifelong love affair with Paris, and definitely the one thing that would always make it even more perfect is if Morrissey were also in it. I absolutely melt for anything Picasso when I’m there, and never see any point in trying to recapture that feeling anywhere else. The entire exhibition sounds fantastic. Morrissey looks great. The photos are relaxed and sweet.

Besides which, who could ever say no … to a man who looks like he knows a thing or two about how to loiter with intent? :brows:

It’s the little things that can turn someone’s head
Musee du Luxembourg? Not too far from Notre Dame, then... (just saying ;)). I'm visiting Paris in a few weeks time. Moz, so... DON'T MOVE!!! :thumb:
Don't say that! He has concerts to play in California and Latin America in January and February (the latter postponed over a lame excuse.) Don't give him a reason to cancel even more dates (not that he needs one, anyway.)
Here's an introduction to the exhibition. I've never really appreciated Surrealism but the personal and social context is interesting.

None of what he is wearing goes together, and it wouldn't kill him to get some tailoring done, especially on an overcoat. Bryan Ferry and Brett Anderson have great casual style and great overcoats, there's no excuse for this sloppy mess. The pants look like they might be those awful flares he wears all the time. Someone should burn them.
Could add Paul Weller...just because one gets older doesn't mean they have to abandon all sense of style. Brings to mind fat Elvis although he still had the cool hair.

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