Morrissey Central "ANNIE NIGHTINGALE, RIP" (January 13, 2024)



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1st female presenter on R1.
Gave The Smiths some decent airplay.



(NB: today's Central post merged with yesterday's Book Of Condolence posts re: Annie and made a separate thread).
Used to love watching her on the Old Grey Whistle Test when i was a lad, she always seemed to be into the new wave and punk bands that had started to appear on there as whispering Bob seemed not to give them much credit at the time. R.I.P Annie x
I knew she was involved with dance, before I knew she went all the way back to the 60s. She seemed a lovely, vibrant woman with some fun stories to tell.
Nice to see the BBC interviewing Steve Diggle from Buzzcocks today as Annie had them on many of her TV and radio shows.
another one gone,she had a great speaking voice,that was the golden age of radio.
Janice and Paul were probably one of the nicest couples in the entire universe, and they both absolutely love/d Mozzy more than words could even convey. In some other realm, her vivacious energy will still be there. Each of them a bright star shining down in tandem now, undoubtedly
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I'm very impressed by what I've read and heard about Annie. I see that Vicki Wickham, Dusty Springfield's manager and an assistant producer on Ready, Steady Go! pop programme, helped Annie get into TV presenting in the 1960s and remained a friend for life. Vicki was Morrissey's manager for a short while around the Maladjusted time.
RIP Annie. It's terrifying the people we are losing, but I guess that's what happens when you have an older population.
I thought this quite interesting: Annie's contribution to Radio 1's Vintage Series, her slot was broadcast on 1 October 2017, a day before Morrissey's BBC 6 Music Live performance, and she quotes a letter from a listener on the subject of who is God? saying "Morrissey is a prat" (about 22 minutes in and then again about 26 minutes) and later (about 44 minutes) denies wallowing in nostalgia before playing Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now.


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