Morrissey Central "RW" (January 31, 2024)

Via CJ's IG story.

Robbie Williams in Morrissey shirt.

Casa-posted link now a Central post via mozhug25:

Always thought he was a bit of dickhead until I watched the Netflix documentary on him, it was fascinating to hear him talk about his personal challenges and nice to see him appreciating he had made mistakes.
Take that!
He’s more “I’m in grade school and it’s a Monday, so I’m sick” kind of sick, rather than bed-bound sick. So he’s allowed to post on his website and play video games.
Is that the whole clip? RW saying he should be so lucky to be as handsome as Moz? Or did I miss part of the video that said something worth hearing? This is the shite that appears on Moz Central? A spray of slapdash scour strikes again.
I am glad it seems he is feeling a little better. Having someone famous supporting you is a very lovely thing.
I think it's great.
At least he's not ripping it up muttering something about no longer being able to be a fan.

Trousers next time though...

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