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  • Very, very true.

    I have to say though, there's actually a whole bunch of really lovely people on here on the other hand. Every forum has its typical group of bitter, fake-witty bigmouths, but those are usually well-known by the others and should not/do not get that much attention.

    I'm not here to argue with people either, I think one can stay perfectly pacifistic and still have splendid, horizon-broadening discussions (I love discussions). I felt like a dumbass when I first registered here, one easily gets intimidated by certain individuals who just have a crapload of the most random (partial) knowledge and who like to show it off. Even those rarely ever bite, though.
    I'd love to read more contributions from you, it's nice to know you :)
    What do you think they'll think? "Whoa, somebody's not ripping each other's heads off, the apocalypse has come!"? :)
    Oh dear......sorry? :) Can we agree that I simplied really agreed? I would never lay hands on a Moz fan, so how could I kill one with an awesome quiff like yours and such fashionable protective headwear?
    In answer to question number one. "I keep mine hidden." Why? Oh you know the answer, it's in the song.

    And question number two: Well tin hats may be good but they stunt growth......
    What I meant to say is.......yes, but I DON'T like to get it out in public.
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