Dave Gahan reviews Sandie Shaw & The Smiths, Smash Hits, 1984


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I really always liked DM for what they were - from the first album all the way through Violator. So I get what they do, I appreciate what they’ve done, I’m glad Dave didn’t die during his million overdoses, and I’m glad for their recent popular comeback/success. There’s enough room for everyone.

But to this comment, I would say that Dave, understandably, would have been more than a little jealous of any frontman offering something very unique by comparison. Even beyond the North/South thing, or DM’s Essex thing, or the completely different musical, lyrical, and stylistic natures of DM offerings versus Smiths at the time, Dave still would have been a) keeping a close eye, and b) def more than just a lil jelly of ridiculously handsome and super hilarious and totally-different-to-everything-Dave-was, Mozzy

One of the things that was kind of great about DM is that they definitely always knew exactly what they were, they truly weren’t interested in being anything else, and they perfected that, and they did what they were doing really well. But that means they also would have known exactly what they were not.

Everything going on with synth-pop stuff could have largely had the same collective circle penciled around it. They were all basically part of a same larger group. Compared to someone like Morrissey coming along, who would have been completely outside of that penciled circle.

Then they intersect because they’re all in the charts.

If I was part of the group that was successful because their popularity was of the moment, I too, would be jealous of anyone whose success was based on originality and on going completely against the grain.

In my mind there was never any question by the early 90s that Morrissey clearly wasn’t going anywhere. I was so blown away by Viva Hate. It was so timeless, and so moving, and so perfect. And everything that came next was also just 🤩 WOW WOWWWWW WOWWWW WOW 🤩

I will never not love Music for the Masses though, and I would definitely be in the mood for someone to lend me a VCR right now because I want to watch Depeche Mode 101 all the way through right now.

Those were the days. Martin Gore in his bondage gear and George Michael doing his aerobics moves on stage in his little white short shorts…. And me not even knowing that I would never be allowed to stay carefree forever.

One thing they REALLY got RIGHT though was ANTON CORBIJN ❤️
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