Original Italian police photo / story removed from SER Facebook page

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Hopefully SER can now get back to what he is good at - making music videos.



Always crashing in the same car
"Take it-a down, or we make-a you pay!"

"Nephew, you know I'm not parting with one thin dime."

"Sure thing boss! It's gone!"


It's too late Shammy lad :clap:
Barone Raffaele is now famous for making your Uncle suck his cock on the streets of Rome :rofl:
The lengths you and your family will go to get publicity is now VERY embarrassing :rolleyes:.
How you have carved a career out at being a waste of spunk is astounding :blushing: Prince 4kin Edward is more useful than you.

How's yer Uncle's cancer coming on these days ?

Accosted in Rome my arse :laughing: 4ck off :handpointup: you prick and take some pictures of women's tits on yer i-phone.


Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:


Game Of Death.
g23 should have got the part of the young italian guy from mind your language.for younger viewers this was a sitcom in the seventies about a college trying to teach an English class to immigrants from the four corners of the globe.the young Italian guy would put da in front of everything as in dalasagne,daspaghetti.it wouldn't even get past a script editors desk these days.


It doesn't matter if the Facebook story has been removed, because 'many people filmed the obviously insane officer', so we can still know the truth thanks to all those people that helpfully posted footage to YouTube. Thank God for them. :rolleyes:


exactly ! M should have told that cop to 'get a grip , I'm not gonna reform the Smiths even under the threat of your gun!'

Thought you said it never happened? You can't have your vegan cake and eat it you know. Or was this a case of attempted satire?


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Reckon me wanted to go up to Lil" Sammy today when he was riding his skateboard down PCH and ask him why he did all this shiteeee, but then I would of outed myself. Uncle Steve and lil' Sammy were not in Italy. There was no record of him leaving or arriving at LAX. I reckon lil' Sammy and Uncle Steve just laugh all day at the people on this site while they are playing GTA and Madden eating nachos, french fries, and apple pie. Two American guys laughing at all the Brits and Euros on so-low.

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