Italian police ready to sue and ask for compensation - reports

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    It's official: the Italian police will sue Moz

    La Polizia denuncia Morrissey per diffamazione: “Sono psicopatici armati” -

    Morrissey diffama la Polizia italiana, Consap: «pronti a denunciarlo e a chiedergli un risarcimento» - OP Osservatore Politico

    Google Translate to English:

    Morrissey defames the Italian Police, Consap "ready to sue and ask for compensation"
    By Pier Paolo Palozzi

    The British singer was stopped by police for a check, in central Rome. Subsequently, on their social profile, he defined the agents of "armed psychopaths." The Police Union: "we do not care about the 'logic she does not know who I am', for us all citizens are equal, including the singers'

    ROME - A lawsuit and a thank you, these are the reactions of Consap, more representative union of the State Police to heavy externalization of the English singer Morrissey.

    "By the term 'armed psychopaths' that the singer has posted on his company profile - explains the national secretary of Consap Stefano Spagnoli - has been given a mandate to our legal department to assess the details of defamation, while about the possibility that the singer gates all Italian dates we can only thank him for freeing resources for the safety of Italian citizens. "

    The Conferazione Statutory Autonomous Police rejects the sender, "the logic of" you do not know who I am "and the bad example of respect for the rule of law provided by singer .- continues the Trade Union Confederation of Autonomous Police - hoping that the promoters of these events musical know better assess the artists to gratify the presence and with the massive crowds, excluding those who clearly and despite the emergence of international security think they are above the law and police checks. "

    UPDATE July 12:

    Additional quotes from the police union in a link posted by an anonymous person:

    Il Siulp (sindacato dei poliziotti) denuncia Morrissey per oltraggio - Askanews
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    1. Anonymous
      Sam removed the facebook entry in question
    2. Anonymous
      Probably a good idea. There are A LOT of really bad people out there. Poor Morrissey gets more than his share. The album, band, tour are the most important thing, not some stupid cop.
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    3. Anonymous
      This rant is excessive. He just didn't feel like he needed to let the cop know who he was. The cop pulled an attitude and Morrissey was annoyed. It's happened to me before, I know how he feels.
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    4. Calamine Lotion
      Calamine Lotion
      Turns out he was incorrect. I think both sides had an attitude and both sides were annoyed. Both sides expected some sort of special treatment because of who they are.
      I don't know the law in Italy but in the US you are not legally required to carry an identification but the police can detain you for a reasonable amount of time while they try to determine who you are. In some states you can be arrested for refusing to give them a name.

      We really don't know what happened but the original story left out some important and telling details. He didn't say he was in a car. That's important because he didn't say "we were stopped for no reason." That would have actually been a better story but it seems like he carefully avoided lying and simply left out some details. Or maybe it happened just like he said. Whatever happened it's a good idea to have identification especially in a foreign country.
    5. Anonymous
      I personally find it strange that they allow 12,000 undocumented foreigners in their country every day, but they are extremely concerned about one, obviously affluent British person. Wrong way (slightly amusing, I have done it a few times), no ID (hmm, obviously British)..give him a ticket and move on.

      I hope Italy goes nuclear with the visas and this stupid cop will really have something to do.
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    6. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun

      'I think both sides had an attitude and both sides were annoyed.'

      yes, though a cop should be trained to deal with people who are civilians and trained not to be aggressive and threatening, therefor to not put the civilian in a position of annoyance, fear, or defensiveness.

      The cop is wrong and should be corrected.

      And yes we know M should have gone through the proper channels
      of making this incident and the cops actions known, but I can understand a person who is emotionally charged and upset and wants to get that information out there as soon as possible, for he not only feared for his life, but also for the lives of others.

      And of course it would have been nice if he told us the whole story, but in context of what he just went through, one could imagine that those details seemed of less importance
      to the central issue.

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    7. Anonymous
      I once ate Pineapple too

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