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Apr 25, 2006
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Harsh Truth

Ever Felt Had?, from In the bar

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Apr 27, 2018 at 2:22 AM
    1. karriemoz
      hey Jason! Just thought I'd let ya know, I went to Bullmoose Sun in your town, been awhile since I was there last, didn't find any Moz goodies I don't already have :( BUT I did find a 7" vinyl single of "The Headmaster Ritual" for $4.97, not too expensive so I bought it! LOL alr have the songs though! :) Where ya been? You never answered my last PM. Kar
    2. karriemoz
      Btw your sig just below your avatar is from my FAVE Moz solo song Interesting Drug and I LOVE that man! Just had to tell ya!
    3. karriemoz
      Hi there! thanks for making me a friend! :) Guess you saw me at the show last night? Lol I'm the crazy lil brunette w/ the brown Moz GH cover pic tee ;) I'm a shy gal by nature, but at a Moz gig YOU'D NEVER KNOW IT?! What's your real name? Is it William? You a friend of Jen's? (aka morrisseychic) I hope Moz comes back to Beantown in the fall ; I miss him already ha, ha! Wouldn't that kick major arse if he ever came to OUR state?! I'd freakin' flip!!! Later!---Kar
    4. karriemoz
      Hi there! I'm a newbie on the forums but been a Moz fan since 2003 and I see you are going to be attending the same show as me! + you don't live too far away from me either! Do you know whereabouts Epsom is? Where are your seats going to be? I'll be in GA Row 5 in either 121,22 or 3 lol w/ my parents cos I don't have any Morrissey friends to go w/ :( who like him as I do. Have you been to his other Boston shows too? I went to the Orpheum show 10/30/07 + the BOA Pavillion one rescheduled 07/07/07 and my 1st Moz concert was at the Orpheum 10/04/04. Please write back to me so we can become friends! *Karrie
    5. morrisseychic
      March 28: Mashantucket, Conn. (Foxwoods)
      March 29: Boston (House of Blues)
      Moz tour dates
    6. morrisseychic
      Happy halloween!
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