SER: new Moz picture & mention of a 'Christmoz' photo to follow.

Limited audience posts again - is that good for business!?
Here's the latest from SER as posted on Instagram & Facebook:




'Christmoz'!? o_O
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I reckon this is top mental m8! I reckon me hope it's a family portrait of Uncle Steve, Aunt Nancy, and lil' Sammy on the beach in Malibu with the sun setting in the background. Reckon that would be wicked chaps.
There's so much retouching of the hair color that his eyebrows look like Sharpie smudges. SER did this photo a disservice.
Signed test pressings now on mporium lol!
Jesus. Leave off the Photoshop already. This is f***ing dreadful.
"A lick of shoe polish, guv, and 20 years gone! Just like that! And who cares if your bald spot shines like a new pair of Doc Martens! Only the poor folks in the balcony will notice!"
WTF? He looks like a haggard, creepy old, try-hard clown that’s forgotten his makeup.

...oh wait. Never mind.
Fecks sake lads. What a fake photo. Nothing wrong with getting older (certainly better than NOT getting older!).
i liked last year's christmoz pictures with the cigar and all

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