Italian police ready to sue and ask for compensation - reports

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  1. Anonymous

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    It's official: the Italian police will sue Moz

    La Polizia denuncia Morrissey per diffamazione: “Sono psicopatici armati” -

    Morrissey diffama la Polizia italiana, Consap: «pronti a denunciarlo e a chiedergli un risarcimento» - OP Osservatore Politico

    Google Translate to English:

    Morrissey defames the Italian Police, Consap "ready to sue and ask for compensation"
    By Pier Paolo Palozzi

    The British singer was stopped by police for a check, in central Rome. Subsequently, on their social profile, he defined the agents of "armed psychopaths." The Police Union: "we do not care about the 'logic she does not know who I am', for us all citizens are equal, including the singers'

    ROME - A lawsuit and a thank you, these are the reactions of Consap, more representative union of the State Police to heavy externalization of the English singer Morrissey.

    "By the term 'armed psychopaths' that the singer has posted on his company profile - explains the national secretary of Consap Stefano Spagnoli - has been given a mandate to our legal department to assess the details of defamation, while about the possibility that the singer gates all Italian dates we can only thank him for freeing resources for the safety of Italian citizens. "

    The Conferazione Statutory Autonomous Police rejects the sender, "the logic of" you do not know who I am "and the bad example of respect for the rule of law provided by singer .- continues the Trade Union Confederation of Autonomous Police - hoping that the promoters of these events musical know better assess the artists to gratify the presence and with the massive crowds, excluding those who clearly and despite the emergence of international security think they are above the law and police checks. "

    UPDATE July 12:

    Additional quotes from the police union in a link posted by an anonymous person:

    Il Siulp (sindacato dei poliziotti) denuncia Morrissey per oltraggio - Askanews
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    1. Uncleskinny

      The police respond to British rocker Morrissey's insults, which he stopped by the authorities as he slammed in the course of the Course, called the patrol "armed psychopaths".
      Now the English songwriter is in trouble because the police union intends to launch a lawsuit with a claim for compensation for statements made to the British tabloid Metro UK after the authorities' detention.
    2. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      I can't understand why you'd look to ignite a confrontation with a cop in a foreign country. You aren't going to win. It's not Britain where the police are glorified social workers and you can tell them to get lost.

      I was told off by a Thai cop for eating pineapple on the Bangkok skytrain once. I apologised and off he went. No pompem as they say over there.

      Such a nice girl that Pineapple. I wonder whatever happened to her?
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    3. Anonymous
      She probably had to go back to school once autumn came, Johnny.
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    4. Anonymous
      In the USA you have to prove damages and you can always have an opinion which isn't slander. The Police get called things every day, what Morrissey said is in same article here. No one was sued.
    5. Anonymous
      all cops are bastards
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    6. Surface
      Might teach him to keep his gob shut in future, hope they give Sam a seeing too as well being as he named the policeman.
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    7. Surface
      Similar thing happened to me a long time ago in Australia, I smoked at the time and chucked my fag end on the floor and was asked to pick it up and drop it in one of the special bins provided. I picked it up, put it in a bin and apologised. No drama and no fuss.
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    8. Surface
      That made me laugh!
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    9. Anonymous
      Technically, the venue should be the UK, the statements in facebook were from Sam who was in UK. Also, Sam can counter sue, they accused him in driving. Glad now Italy is getting run over by immigrants.
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    10. Anonymous
      Ok then !
      YOU ARE THICK AS 4ck !

      How's that ?


      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:

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    11. Ed Wood
      Ed Wood
      Fuck Italy. Fuck the Police and Fuck the Pope. Especially the Pope. Tell the Pope to take down his "wall" around the vatican, the fucking moron, before he weighs in on American politics.
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    12. Surface
      Looks like the anger management course is failing or have they kicked you off after realising you're just a bit of a thicko?
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    13. The Wild Turkey
      The Wild Turkey
      These police just keep on threatening.
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    14. Surface
      Morrissey June 2011, Daily Telegraph - “Well, I’m a Catholic by birth and you can never shed it.”
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    15. klaus
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    16. URBANUS
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    17. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      There is both potential libel (written) and slander (spoken) here and is a lot easier to prove if recorded and shared via social media/press thousands of times!
      That said, it seldom happens via Police. There are a whole wealth of complex legal reasons as to why this hardly happens - even in Italy.
      Under English law, the limits of acceptable criticism is wider for those in professional positions (and they should anticipate such) - people are allowed to hold negative views about the Police and express them, I'm sure this is probably the same for Italian 'officials'. 'Maliciousness' is the main mitigating factor in most cases and it's difficult to prove.
      I think most of the sense in these articles is lost in awful Google translation - the Italian's are butthurt, but I doubt an international arrest warrant is going to surface any time soon :)
      Anyway, what happened to the outstanding law suit in the States!?
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    18. AztecCamera
      Blood hell! Complete bull ox in nn it. I don't know why Uncle Steve didn't just flash his American passport and pull a "Johnny Rotten" screaming "I'm an American citizen!!!!" reckon have to say Uncle Steve has really got me a too right tossey here. No LAX sightings unless he went through customs somewhere else in the USA and landed at Burbank. No show at the Malibu-Zuma personal training power walk session. Lil' Sammy was supposed to show at the Louis V./Supreme pop up store in LA last week with all his Uncle Steve Supreme flyers and he didn't show. If Uncle Steve is still in Rome, he better get out. I can see them arresting him at the dock or however you get from Italy back home to LA.
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    19. Anonymous
      As italian :fuck You man ! A car come at full speed in the wrong direction in a street full of people, what do you expect ? Have you ever heard of terrorism ? Nice, london, hamburg, bruxelles and so on. Ilove Moz but he's absolute lunatic
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